Modular Home Satisfaction

mmelkoAugust 11, 2007

My DH and I are exploring building a modular home on a lot we just purchased. Time is a huge factor for us as it is in Maine and the snows will be coming soon.

We have looked at homes from three different companies so far. The biggest difference we are seeing is not a material difference in the home, but a huge difference in who ultimately sets and finishes the home. That question being now answered for us ....

I would like to know from modular home owners and builders, how satisfied/dissatisfied are you with your modular home? What kind of problems did you experience when you went to build your modular home with neighbors and town planning boards (or similar).

And anything else you think might be informative and useful would be appreciated.



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We're in Vermont. And now most of the new homes around here are modular. That time frame is the biggest factor as you know. No towns have given any homeowner any problems. And what problems would neighbors have? My next door neighbor has a 3,500 sq ft log home and she is possibly the nicest person I have known in many years. She was fascinated by how fast the modular was set and buttoned up.

We ordered the house on Labor Day weekend and we were in it by Thanksgiving.

Go for it.

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I agree that the set crew must be experienced. We did an Excel/Avis America modular last year. We ordered in February for a mid-June delivery. Our biggest hold up was waiting for the snow to melt so we could break ground in early May. We've been in for just over a year and had a great dealer and a wonderful set crew.

These pictures are embarrassingly old. I really do need to update since we've done so much work since they were taken.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our house

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I work now as an engineering supervisor in a Maine modular home so I can't objectively answer your question. I do hope though that one of the companies that you consider will be ours.

I'm not aware of major issues with most local planning boards but some local inspectors are a bit more demanding, requiring more documentation in the permit drawings we prepare than our state-approved system approvals document. These cases tend to be on some of the towns along the coast or on islands and we are happy to accomodate their sometimes illogical demands.

The builder that you select is as important as the manufacturer that the builder chooses to deal with. Equally as important is how responsive the manufacturer is to any service issue that will invariably arise.

Best of luck.


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