How do you wash a real silk filled comforter?

bookertDecember 14, 2010

I don't want to have this dry cleaned as I don't like the nasty chemicals and smell dry cleaning has.

I've aired this out, but my son refuses to use a duvet cover and I need to launder this more than a few times a year.

Not icky, but I like to keep it clean. It has a white cotton exterior.

I've googled this and read until my eyes hurt with no real answer.

Wet cleaning is an option, but I need an expert to decode what that means. I know it doesn't mean to wash it in the machine at home.

Any suggestions?

Thanks much!

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Would he use a silk duvet cover? They are more easily washable than a silk-filled comforter.

If you really have to wash it (not recommended by most manufacturers), I found the following instructions:

Care instruction for silk comforter?

Silk comforters are the easiest to maintain comforters on the market. With
property usage, no washing or dry cleaning is required, mostly due to silkâÂÂs
nature of being mildew and mold resistant. Proper usage implies using a
duvet cover at all times to protect the silk comforter, so only cleaning of the
duvet cover is necessary. However, if you really need to clean the silk
comforter for whatever reason, then either spot cleaning by hand, or machine
washing using the gentle cycle and mild soap is recommended. Either line dry
or tumble dry at low temperature. Use an extra large capacity washer and

Please note that frequent washing may damage the layering system of the silk
comforter, so it is not recommended to wash the silk comforter unless it is
absolutely necessary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Care Instructions

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Wow, thanks for the info!
I'd hoped the machine wash method would work in a pinch.
I have to find a silk duvet I suppose. Haven't had luck in finding any except in China. Not comfortable with that...
Would it be too expensive to buy silk charmeuse fabric and have someone make one??
Thanks again!

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You might look for a higher-end microfiber duvet. I have one that looks and feels like silk but it can be washed every week and not show any signs of wear. My cat loves it, too, which is why it gets washed so often.

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bookert, someone gave me washing instructions on a similar thread.

The retailer of my silk duvet says the silk clumps up if you wash it.

I also won't use a duvet cover. I don't know your son's reason for not wanting one but my reason for wanting down or silk is so that it's lightweight, and a duvet cover adds weight and bulk. If you get a silk cover made, consider silk with a matte finish. As noted in the attached thread, mine has a silk cover and it's always sliding and slipping off my bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: washing a 100% silk duvet

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Thanks for the suggestion. See my post below.... =)


Yes, my sons clumped just a little, but his was from Overstock and is sewn in baffles. It's been perfect for him since he doesn't like bulk and he can just throw it on his bed quickly with no fuss when making his bed! =) He won't use a duvet cover due to it being difficult to put in when I wash it! Go figure! =) Teenageritis!

Yes, my silk quilt slides off the bed whether under the top comforter or on top of the bed too. BUT, I LOVE IT!!! =)
I just purchased the silk filled comforter and sadly it isn't encased in a silk outer covering, so I'm hunting for a silk duvet cover to place it in. It's much better quality than my son's, but his serves him very well I might add.
I thought about buying sheets and having someone sew them together for a duvet, but it's costly!
I'm open to suggestions, but will say I already have a cotton duvet it's in. I'm looking for a silk one for the health benefits and comfort I get from it.
Thanks much!!
Blessings for a wonderful Christmas season.

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bookert, I'm so sorry -- I didn't realize it was you who gave me the washing instructions that I referred you to in my post! Please forgive me!! I need to do better at recognizing gardenweb names.

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There is one dry cleaning process that used liquid carbon dioxide under pressure instead of solvents. You may find it advertized in the yellow pages or you can call any thst claim to be environmentally friendly and ask. The stuff is a very good solvent, even used to remove caffeine from coffee. After they spin off the solvent and release the pressure the last traces simply turn back into CO2.

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