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volvo240August 7, 2006

Skyway homes...mine was built in 87..and I am having trouble with the sale...some paperwork says Modular...some says Mobile..where do I begin?...

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Go under the house. Is there a metal frame? If so, it's mobile. If there's no metal frame, it's modular.
And if it's modular, it should be on a permanent foundation on it's own land.
A modular home is exactly like a site built home. Same floor joists, same roof, everything.

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correct, but here's the thing..it's got I-beams running accross width wise, but it sits on a concret foundation on land I own. So I guess the term "manufactured home" applies here. It was trucked in back in 1987, not towed in on wheels.

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Can't say I'm familiar with Skyway Homes. What part of the country are you located in?

We use steel beams in a lot of the modular and stick-framed house I work on.

In a mobile home, the beams christopherh refers to would run parallel with the length of the sections and have provisions for attaching axles. There would likely be two parallel beams centered within in each section. One could dismantle the sections and move them by reattaching wheels & axles to the frame.

If your beams are located directly below the outer edges of the section framing, and seems to be for supporting the sections without resorting to columns in your basement, your home was probably built in a modular factory. That's what is sounds like to me.


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House is in Maine...My stick built house (1958) used I-Beam construction way back when. this one is strange though, it's hard top research a company that is Out of Buiss.

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Well, Volvo, Skyway doesn't ring a bell and I asked another old-timer in the business who can't help either.

Is it possible that the company name is Skyline Homes? They've been around for a long time and still build both modular and mobile homes.


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it is possible I have it wrong...I know for sure it's not Skyline...maybe Skylark...yes I think it is Skylark...I am going up this weekend to the ol' house and check it out see if I can get a serial # and further research it!

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