King-sized duvets are never big enough. Why?

thesockfairyJanuary 19, 2008

Hi everyone. I haven't visited GardenWeb in so long, but when I have a question about something home/garden related, this is the first place I go.

Can someone tell me why it is that duvets and comforters for beds are never really big enough for the size mattress they are made for?

I have a King bed (80X76), and my King duvet isn't large enough to even cover the mattress when it hangs down the sides. I see coverlets in catalogs that give the bed nice coverage, but I can never seem to acheive that myself.

I know that if I have a queen bed, buying a king cover makes sense, but I don't think there is anything larger than a King, so what do I do now?


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If you have one of the newer deeper mattresses, and often with padded tops besides, you need to be sure that you look for oversized comforters and duvets.

One thing that will help you is to actually measure how many inches you need, so as you shop you can look at the sizes in inches and determine if it will fit. We have the same issue because we have a very deep mattress. Luckily the comforter I found that I liked was also made for deeper mattresses.

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Try an oversized king?

The folks at Cuddledown are really helpful--you should give them a call. Also, a lot of their stuff is made in the USA (often in Maine itself). Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Oversized king comforter.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I won't buy anything less than 108" wide. Anything less and it won't cover the mattress. 108" seems to be the standard "long" size without moving into actual bedspread territory.
Pottery Barn's duvets are usually 108" wide but I always look, some of them aren't.

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You've hit on one of my pet peeves. It's frustrating to buy bed linenes, ironing board covers, etc and have them just...not...quite...large enough. I suppose the manufacturers save money here and money there by shaving off inches. I always buy a King for a Queen bed and then, it's somewhat out of proportion to really "fit", but at least it will cover the mattress and box spring. I have to use quilts because of allergies and heaven forbid you wash them. There will be shrinkage even with cold water and air drying. I tried laundering mattelasse coverlets a couple of times and they turned into sofa throws. :) I'll step down now.

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I've tried king for queen and it just never looks right. And why are so many quilts/coverlets full/queen instead of one or the other? Twin and king each have their own sizing. What's the deal?

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I just bought queen quilts and a queen comforter from Lands' End... never saw the point to buying a full/queen for my set.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

The labels Queen, King, Full/queen, Twin, really are meaningless. You have to look at the actual dimensions of the item.
It's like clothing...

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I have the same problem with duvets and my king sized mattress. I also got a King duvet that could not fit over the "king" sized comforter. Have you all come across this?

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I just bought queen quilts and a queen comforter from Lands' End... never saw the point to buying a full/queen for my set.

I find the selection of true queen sizes limited. It seems the ones I like are always labeled full/queen.

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Dear Heather,

I actually posted about this same annoying problem a short while back. My husband and I upgraded our bed from a queen to a king, and found that our king duvet covered only the top of the mattress, and didn't even go down the sides at all! It looked silly, to say the least. It didn't help that our boxspring was big. We had to trade in in our boxspring for the low-profile one that Macy's was selling. Still the duvet was too small. The problem was finally solved when I went to and found their oversized comfortors, which you can buy in either a down material or a synthetic down material. They have oversized duvet covers to go with them, but they are hard to find on the website-to see them you would actually click on "sheets" I think. They are on sale right now I think so hurry!

Anna C.

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This has been going on FOREVER. The companies making the duvets don't keep up with the increasing thickness of US mattresses. It is why I much prefer bedspreads over duvets.

I have the opposite problem. I bought a double mattress and box spring set in the mid-1980s. Couldn't find bedding deep enough. Now, 20 years later all the bedding is oversized. (It is a rarely used guest bed.)

When I first bought it, I had to buy a king sized duvet to fit it. I still have that duvet, and it doesn't come close to fitting a modern king size bed.

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When I lived in Europe 20 years ago duvets were not as common here as they are now. All the duvets over there were pretty much the size of the top of the mattress with very little overhang if any at all and they normally were either folded at the bottom of the bed or just laying on the top of the mattress.

When i started buying them over here I noted that people always seemed to buy them bigger so that they kind of worked like a bed spread covered the sides of the mattress.

Most of the duvets were quite a bit thicker than they are here so they would not really have worked falling over the sides of the bed anyway.

Perhaps the companies making them smaller are following the european sizes?

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Well, you think you have problems....try having a California King!!! It's awful, because other than the fitted sheet, everything is sized for a regular king bed. Since a California King is narrower and longer than a standard king, the top sheet hangs too far down on the sides, and most comforters don't have the proper length. You can't buy any comforter that has a pattern that outlines the shape of the bed, either. Grrrrrrr!!

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