Remodel or replace?

annaceil333August 13, 2013

We have lived here 2 years-our 1973 manufactured home has been remodeled and improved several times. It is on a basement, is the size we like (only 1100sq. ft. + finished basement. Currently we are looking to reside ($16,000), new windows ($4,000), upgrade to bathrooms ($12,000). There are a couple other things we will do in a couple years but nothing too expensive. We are going to have a crack in the basement wall fixed for about ($10,000). I imagine by the time we are done we will be at about $45,000 improvements.
To put a new modular home here, with new foundation it would be about $140,000. What would you all do? Bite the bullet and put in new or do the improvements?

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How many squares of siding to you have in that size home where it would be $16,000?

Sounds expensive for a basement wall as well.

That is pretty close to the tipping point at a $45K vs. $140K if you ask me (that is of course assuming that the roof is older and might require replacement in the future too).

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