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brnincalifAugust 19, 2011

has anyone replaced their ugly fake wood flat interior doors? I would have by now but... the partition (interior) walls are 3 inches in width and all standard interior door jambs at home improvement stores are 4 inches in width. So, the only options are buy them and try to cut them to 3 or, build our own jambs, and buy doors only. But Iam not sure how to recess the door hinges into the jamb. I do not want to keep the jambs as they are, like everything else that came with the place, NOT REAL WOOD but pressboard. Any ideas? Anyone else done this???

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I just did a search using the paramenters 'replacement interior doors for manufactured homes'. I found quality names like Jeld-Wen here: for six panel doors. Check around. Also, see or even ask in one of the Garden Way forums for details on cutting mortises for hinges (also called gains - old term).

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We have a place here called Save-On and they have stacks of new doors for manufactured homes. There is a manufactured home place close by. Wondering if Save-On took their doors when they down sized. There is also scads of cupboard doors and manufactured home things. Maybe call your closest MFH builder and ask them where to get doors.

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shades of Idaho
The builder of my place is only 20 miles away, I have already gotten a couple 46x60 windows because I couldnt find them anywhere, the problem is the 3in partition walls
so the jambs have to be 3in and standard is 4in. And my builder no longer builds 3in partition walls, they changed to 4in. I think I'm just going to get the doors only at a home improvement place and we'll just build the jambs ourselves. My door sizes are standard thank goodness, it's just the width of the partition walls that are the problem. Ironic part of it all, I worked where my house was built for nine years. Had the place bought before I opened the breaker box and saw the manufacturers sticker, imagine my surprise!

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A friend found interior doors at MG Builders, a local lumber yard. They came in all the sizes he needed for his Solitaire DW. While they were wood and not pressed board w/ the fake wood look, they were not the quality he wanted. The outside skin was too thin. He said it was good to know that the sizes he needed were not unusual and is now looking for the ones he wants so that he can order them.

So, I'm thinking it depends on who and when your MH was manufactured. It looks like the trend is to become more standardized so that local vendors will have replacement parts in stock.

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A quality millwork center or lumberyard will either be able to rip std 4 5/8" jambs to the width you need or order in the setup or prehung doors you need with the jamb size required. At the box stores you will be hard pressed to find anyone who would even know such a thing was available.

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I know it's been awhile, but I wondered if you did end up replacing your interior doors. Our home was built in 2000, and we also have those horribly ugly fake wood interior doors. Our first floor has the 6-panel, and upstairs bedrooms have the flat. We visited a Jeld-Wen showroom yesterday. It's going to cost $3,000 to replace all 14 doors - including hardware and installation. The replacement doors are 2-panel molded wood composite (white). We're also painting all of the (cheap-looking) wood trim in the house to match. I wonder if this project is a good investment, and could use some opinions. We can afford the project, and definitely want it done. We don't plan to sell for at least another 10 years. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: Doors

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Havent done anything yet, wow that seems like a lot but I guess it depends on what your place is worth to judge if that is a good investment. I am in northern Indiana and bought a foreclosed DW on a full basement with a two car garage on three city lots. I am going to do the doors eventually but I think next is redoing the outside. The place is 20 years old and all the siding and the rest of the windows need replaced. Also going to put in a new furnace and water heater in the basement. Good luck!

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