buying a pre-owned manufactured home

prairydawnJuly 18, 2006

Hi everyone, a newbie here. We are considering purchasing a pre-owned manufactured home built in the early 90's in NY, near Ithaca. I was wondering what we need to know when we go to look at it. What should we be looking for? Do home inspectors typically have knowledge on manufactured homes? We would also like to have an addition put on, a stick built addition complete with basement. The house is currently on poles that go below the frost line. Is an addition of this nature possible? This is actually a make or break point on the purchase. I had asked the real estate agent and she assured me that 'of course you can add on'. However we would rather ask the experts, you folks, to see what your opinions are. I have one last question, and forgive my ignorance. The whole house is wall papered. We would like to strip it off and paint the walls instead. Not knowing what the walls are typically made of, we didn't know if this was a bigger job than the usual spray and scrape. Thank you in advance!


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I suppose that this is a HUD code home. The dimensions of it would tell me a great deal. The existing walls probably are gypsum board with the wallcovering applied at the factory while the panels were being manufactured. When installed, such panels typically have a trim strip of plastic or wood over the edges where the panels butt together. The gypsum is required to meet the interior flame spread requirements. Wood paneling burns quickly and is prohibited by the present code. I suggest that if this is the type panels you have, the present wallcovering be left in place, not stripped off, and painted or new paper be applied on top. Ask a local wall paper installer. Additions should carefully plan for the roof junction design to avoid leaks.

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