mobile home wireing

dirtrat03July 17, 2007

installing an oven ina older mh running 220 from out side bow to kitchin the main is an 80 amp 4 prong plug went from box b4 plug with a 30 amp 220 breaker ran to 4 wire boX in home turned on blew the whole home no power to meter HELP.......

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You registered today for this forum. Look in the Yellow Pages for help- E for Electrician.

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It's a bit hard to understand what you are saying or asking. I agree with the second poster that you may need a local electrician to help with your problem.

Even though you just registered today, you should not hesitate to ask questions or contribute to the forum. As far as I know, there are no rules about how soon you can post after registering.



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Wayne, the indications are that this is a "troll" post. No mobile home ever had an 80 amp plug. But if a genuine situation, an real electrician could sort it out.

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Well there is no rule as to how soon you can post. Note to busdriver....MH do indeed sometimes have 80 amp service. the one next to mine has that but it is old. The guy meant 80 amps service not a plug. He may not have enough amps to start with. But I agree an electrician is needed.
Note to Adirondack gardener.....HOWDY neighbor. UTICA here. Name also WAYNE

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How interesting that others know what he "meant" when it is not what he posted. And he posted the same day on another forum about the same situation but with different "facts". Would you buy a used car from the fellow? I did give good advice in the situation but did not believe then nor now that the post was sincere.

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