Dryer issue

moxiesoulDecember 30, 2012

Hi! Newbie here with a dryer question.
I have a Hotpoint 5 cycle electric dryer that I've had for about 15 years. It's always worked great for me, but in the last couple of months it has been making this loud squealing noise. Even with the noise though, it still did a good job drying the clothes. I had a bushing replaced on it which helped with the noise for a very short time.

Today, I was drying a load and after 2 hours, the indicator said that it was only a quarter of the way done but the clothes were actually dried. The dryer is still very warm to touch on the outside after 9 hours of sitting. Any ideas on what is wrong? Also, do you think it's worth putting the money into to fix or should I just look at getting something new? Thanks in advance!

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Hotpoint dryers are typically GE clones, but citing the model number would be helpful.

There are several possible sources of squealing -- the rear drum bearing, front drum bearing/glides, belt idler, and motor.

If the front bearing/glides are the cause, it needs to be be repaired soon as possible. Continuing to run it can result in the front edge of the drum wearing down, or tearing through the front panel.

A dryer remaining warm or hot for hours after a load is finished may be caused by the heating element shorted to ground. It'll keep heating as long as the machine is connected to power, cycling on/off on the overheat safety ... and possibly blowing a thermal fuse (if the unit has one). This is huge safety hazard and should be fixed ASAP.

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Thanks for the information dadoes. The dryer was still warm the next morning, too, so I unplugged it and it finally cooled down. My father replaced the element a few years ago, but it could still be bad now. The model number on it is DLB3600SBLWH.

I'm really just trying to decide if it is worth sinking more money into or if I should just bite the bullet and buy a new one. My father isn't in a place now that he is able to fix it, so I would have to pay a service repairperson to do it.

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Check with someone at www.automaticwasher.org for a solution to your problem.

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