Modular homes in NJ?

justmarriedJuly 27, 2006

I am new to this community. After reaing the posting "modular vs. manufactured" I feel that I have a good understanding of the two and the pro's and cons of each. (It was fun to read everyone's bickering too! :)

Anyway, after a fruitless home search in the Warren Cty NJ area, my husband and I are considering buying land and building on the land. I was curious if it is possible to buy land (we saw a piece for around 50k) and build a home on it for around 200K total in Warren County, NJ? Do any modular homes cost less than $150 to build? Does anyone have any experience building a home in NJ?

Any information you can give me about finding the answer to these question would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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One of the builders I do design work for is based in Bernardsville. Another is in Somerset, NJ Is that near you?

Depending on the style house, and the "bells and whistles" you want, a house should be able to be built within your budget. I'd suggest contacting local modular builders and getting a feel for what they offer. Some builders offer land-house packages that may work within your budget.


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I went to Google and typed in

modular home dealers, NJ

and there were a number of manufacturers that have agents that will build in NJ.

Also get a POCONO homes giude and you'll find a number of modular home builders there and many will also set the house in Warren county. (My sister in law lives in Great Meadows)

A number of modular manufacturers are in PA so the transportation is easy to NJ. And you can visit the factory for a tour to see how they're made too. I live in VT and our modular was made in PA.

You can also do a google for "modular home manufacturers, PA"

Price? They're about the same as a site built home. The land, cellar, septic, water, etc are identical. But septic costs in NJ are very high. So don't be afraid to look in the Poconos for property. You can have a complete package done by a modular dealer out there. But go to the "West End" and you'll find nicer areas. There are two modular builders that come to mind. One is in Brodheadsville and the other is in Effort. If I can remember them, I'll post it.

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If you are close to the Poconos, I also work with an excellent builder in Hawley, PA that you might contact. Keep in mind though, that the further a builder has to travel, the less interest he or she will have in your project.

Finding a builder that will travel a long distance to set a home is not the same as finding one that will be there if any problems, minor or major, arise. Setting the home, or placing it on the foundation, is only one step in the process.

I won't post business names here. You can email me if you want any recommendations.


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