Have 27' stacked washers/dryers gotten deeper?

JohnnieBDecember 6, 2011

I figured this would be easy but noooo. I have a rental unit with a Maytag stacked washer/dryer combo that is at least 15 years old (we've owned the property for 11 years and it wasn't new then) and needs to be replaced. Can't complain about that, it did its job with no problems whatsoever for all that time. It pretty much fills the closet, which is 28" wide, 73" high and 31" deep. The unit is 27" wide, 72" high but I'm not sure exactly how deep as it is wedged in and difficult to pull out--but it must be something less than 31" to accommodate the dryer duct. Right????

Here's the problem: I would like to replace it with another 27" unit but every unit I can find in that size is 31-32" deep and there's no way they will fit in that space and still leave room for the dryer duct behind it. I guess we could make more room by leaving the door off the laundry closet, but it's in the kitchen and these things are pretty darn ugly and noisy. The alternative is to replace with a 24" wide unit (which tend to be 27-28" deep), but having used one of these in the past I know these are tiny and really inadequate.

Any suggestions??? Oh and BTW there is only a single 220V outlet available. Because anything else would have made it too easy.

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Yes, the units definitely got deeper in the recent years. The customers expect more capacity and that's what manufacturers compete on. If they are not increasing the width of the units, they must increase the depth to accommodate larger drums.

You are not likely to find a front loading washer and dryer set that can fit that space (I think the Fridgidare/Kenmore ones made 10-15 years ago would have fit, but I don't know if anyone makes them in that size any more). In my experience you need at least 34-35" depth for closet installation. And that would be with one of those flat rectangular vents that save on space. With a regular vent you need significantly more depth in your closet.
I don't know anything about the sizing of the combo units (top loader on the bottom and a slanted dryer on top, all in one unit) so I can't help with that.

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I had this same problem and finally gave up and took the doors off the closet so I could buy full-size affordable HE machines. Like yours, mine are in the kitchen but the stacked machines look good and once I got used to it I like them there. They are certainly centrally located and easily accessible. There was a gap at the top so I put a curtain rod with a valance over them.

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Thanks, we initially intended to purchase a Whirlpool Duet set to save both water & electricity; the width & stacked height worked (barely) and we figured we would just leave the door off the closet to accommodate the depth (which was actually less than the 27" combo units). But it turns out there is only a single 220V outlet in the closet, so unless we want to bring in an electrician we need to buy a combo unit with a single plug. We wanted to replace with another 27" unit but it looks like it just won't fit. Our tenant is simply going to have to make do with a smaller 24" unit.

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