Samsung FL WF520 never gets hot

dave1812December 20, 2011

Brand new unit--maybe a month old. I always suspected it never got hot but today cinches it! I ran a variety of cycles, including sanitize. Water temp never goes over 81 degrees F. It always starts each wash cycle with ice cold water, followed by warm or hot, resulting in luke warm water. Knowing that the washer is only 3 feet from the hot water heater I didn't think cold water in the line was an issue, but to be SURE, i installed a wye at the hot water inlet and installed a faucet so that I can purge the line right up to the washer. Inlet temp exceeds 135 F. I have NEVER seen any steam come from this washer. Someone with an LG says they seem steam come from the soap dispenser whenthey use their machine. Should the Samsung show any outwards signs of WARMTH?? We've washed no less than 30 loads already and it always seems that the washer is cold or at room temperature. SHould it feel warm to the touch on a HOT load?

Despite the instructions, I can open the washer at any time during a cycle. instructions says it locks after five minutes. No way is that occurring on my unit.

I called samsung to set up a service call and now I await a call from the local service provider.

what's your experience with the 520 and with hot it responds to HOT wash cycles. see any steam from the soap dispenser, for example?

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Obviously the first thing...did you check and make sure the hookups are not reversed?

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yes, of course.

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This model apparently has major issues with not providing hot wash cycles, despite advertising claims. Several people of the few who have reviewed it at Amazon and elsewhere all complained of the same thing. What a bummer! I guess I'll have to take this up with Pacific Sales where I purchased the washer and dryer.

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