Winterizing a mobile home in TN

dee74July 31, 2007

Hi folks, we just bought a vacation home just north of Chattanooga TN. Used to live up north but been in FL for 25 years and have forgotten how to winterize the home. It is on piers with vinyl skirting. The bank had a service that had blue stuff in the toilets, but other than that what should we do. Drain all water lines, hot water heater,toilets? Should we treat with anything and leave water in lines? Should we shut off all water and power to the home? In general help is needed as you can see, thanks in advance for all info, Dee.

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Drain anything that holds water. I then use a large wet-or-dry shop vac to get the water out of toilet bowls after flushing the toilet. Turn off the water supply, open all faucets. If the lowest point on the supply line can be opened and drained, do so. But typically for the supply lines, just opening the faucets will do the job. As water freezes, it does so gradually starting at the walls of the pipe. That will push the liquid out as the freeze expands if the faucets are open. Use the shop vac on the open faucet and on the drains to clear the traps if desired. I use no chemicals.

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Here in upper New York state it gets darn cold. I live in mine year around so I don't have to winterize. But those that do, do it this way.
BYPASS the hot water tank. Requires extra plumbing. Then drain that. Then open all the faucets and valves. Next they connect a pump to the water line (everyone here has this connection previously install) and pump in anti-freeze until it comes out of every tap. Takes about 5-8 gallons. This anti-freeze is not the same as for cars. It is specially designed for home water pipe use just in case you accidently drink a drop or 2 after you put the water back in. It stays liqid down to minus 50.

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Thanks a bunch for the replies,I will hope for the best, keep you posted next spring.

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