Sneak Peak Laundry Cabinets and Miele Set

enduringDecember 23, 2013

I have been working on my bathroom remodel since April. I enlarged the room with the idea to add a laundry area and longer vanity. It went from a 8x5' space to a 8x9' space. The floor is porcelain and I spent many agonizing hours trying to make that floor adiqute for the W/D set. It has worked fine. The room is fairly short joisted and the set sits in the corner of 2 joining load bearing walls. The wood subfloor is 1.5" of wood (bottom 0.75" is diagonal wood planks that are from the 20's). I took the old T&G fur floor out (first carpenter did this) then he laid 0.75" sturdy floor. I laid an underlayment of 3/8" high grade ply, then self leveling compound. I placed electrical heating wires in the main floor area then set Laticrete uncoupling layer with modified thinset. I then tiled with 12x24" porcelain tile.

Floor plan with vanity upper right, toilet, tub on the other side with a shelf unit on the lower left at the tub.

W/D is the blue square in upper left corner and cabinets to the right. Partial wall is then next with the shower finishing off that upper wall in the image. Pocket doors are on each end of the room.


Laundry basket made out of felt will go here. A scale will fit under the recessed toe kick.

I see a crazy kitty!

I'll besure to have the door open when I iron so I can access the inside of the cabinet. My iron will go in there. My soaps on the second shelf. If I put a pull out in that middle area it will have to be mounted to the sides.

Needing to complete:
1) Door jambs need finishing, door hardware, detail the maintenance access.
2) Toe kick veneer needs placed.
3) Electrical outlets, heated floor connected, sconces, 4) LED in toe kick area, and inside doored cabinets, and inside medicine cabinets.
5) Counter placed.
6) Plumbing fixtures installed (TOILET).
7) case work about the room.
8) Medicine cabinet made out of walnut.
9) Hardware for cabinet doors and drawers to be selected.
10) TILE & CAULK (me)

I am so please with it so far. There were issues but I didn't change out the mistakes. I thought the work looked very good to this point; don't press my luck with style errors that were made. Such as all the horizontal grain I wanted on the cabinets were vertical :0 But I decided to stay with it because my entry doors had vertical panels in the paneled areas. I didn't expect that either, but it was clearly pictured on a pamphlet that I ordered from. Unfortunately the sample picture of the passage door was of cherry and I didn't notice the grain direction. But when I saw those doors this summer (yes it has been that long!) I about fainted. All the old paneled doors I've seen have horizontal grain so I was assuming the same would be true of these new doors. But they are beautiful anyway.

will have 4" baseboard on the wall, 3" vertical case work at the pocket doors, and 4" horizontal rail at the top. My design, I hope it looks ok :/

I'll link the post I just made on the bathroom forum that also shows my vanity and the shower area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sneak Peak Vanity and Laundry Cabinets

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Very nice set up enduring. I love your ironing board!

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One thing that I didn't manage to work out was a space for hanging clothes. I thought about having a folding drying rack that is stored in the cubby below. That was sort of my working plan. I don't know if I can find one to fit. I will start looking.

The green wall near the cabinets will get tiled. That green paint is Hydroban, a product for shower waterproofing. I just carried it around to the other side of the partial wall for no real reason.

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Thanks for sharing the details! That's a very well thought our use of your space! I am considering putting a stacked W/D in the master bedroom in a remodel--I will definitely be referring back to this!

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Thanks so much for you complements. I really like the setup. We are on vacation right now and it was easy to access the shut off valve to the water, before we left. I like that the mechanical aspects of the W/D don't show.

I have since bought a valet bar that will get installed inside the middle cabinet. This cabinet will be opened when I iron. I don't iron much, so the 12" bar will be perfect to hold the few shirts while in the middle of the ironing chore.

I have added a plug in LED light bar at the top of the middle section, midway back. It lights up the laundry soaps I have stored there. The on/off switch is an infrared switch. I am investigating the prospect of installing a pull out shelving unit there instead of the adjustable shelf there now. It would be more convenient to pull out the shelf to access the soaps in the back.

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Thanks for the response! Can't wait to see all the final bells and whistles you end up adding. We sat down last night and (I think) made the decision to put the stacked washer/dryer in the master closet. I'm trying to design a space next to them, inspired by yours! I know you're out of town, but do you know the width of your cabinet? I'm assuming its somewhere around 20"? Do you think an 18" cab is wide enough? I'll be using mine similarly to yours, but will also store some towels on the one of the shelves. Any advice?

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Anna, my cabinets were custom made to fit the space. They are about 19" across. The inside is around 17+" across. This is what I had available. I left about an inch on either side of the washer dryer. The cabinet got built wrong in several ways:

1) The veneer was to be horizontal. I left it because they did such a nice job with the matching and all. I didn't want to press my luck. The cabinet lady that was coordinating this didn't get the message to the builders :/
2) The divide between the bottom portion and the mid portion was to be at the height of the stacking kit so the dryer vent would fit within the mid portion. The cabinet lady that was coordinating this didn't get the message to the builders :/ The carpenter fixed it so that it would work, but it would have been better the planned way.
3) There was supposed to be enough room on the right side so I could lay a tile wall, to end at the cabinet. The cabinet lady, again didn't get the information to the builders. The carpenter shifted it over so that I can add tile if I want to.

When you know what kind of W/D set you are using, be sure to see how they recommend where to put them. My set was advised to be located along a bearing wall. My joist are only 8' long so less likely to bounce. My floor is pretty stiff too with extra plywood over the existing old floor.

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Thanks for the details! It must be frustrating to plan so carefully and then not have those details passed along. Sounds like you have a very good carpenter, though!

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I like the cabinet doors. Can't imagine the grain going horizontally because cherry is such a beautiful wood. Enjoy!

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Thanks Cavimum. The horizontal treatment was specifically chosen for my vanity so the tower was planned to match. I am not real happy with the way the vanity worked out, but something's just need to be left alone. That's what I chose to do :) leave it alone. I very much like the looks of the tower.

Oh, BTW, the wood is walnut. You can really tell the difference IRL.

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