Speaking of Colorful dishes......

jae_tnFebruary 10, 2013

Has anyone seen Polish Pottery? My DDIL gave me some when she and DS lived in Germany while he was in the Army. Seems it is quite beloved by military wives when they are stationed there and make trips into Poland to buy it. There are sites now devoted to selling imported pieces.

There are many patterns of which I own about 8 - 10. They are maybe 4 - 5 colors and they all "go" with each other. Mine are all mixed and I love the look on my table.
Here is an example of their patterns:

Here is a link that might be useful: Polish Pottery

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Those are beautiful!

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I went back to look at the page a little closer and discovered that they really have expanded the patterns! Mine have very little of the orange/rust color, mainly blues and greens with the creamy background. I can sure tell that they started to design some that they thought would appeal to the American buyer. I like the older ones better.

Did you see the prices! Gulp!! A few of my plates were $25, and a bit more for large bowls, etc. Some of the newer plates were $45 each!

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I don't know how military wives can afford those prices! Pretty plates though. Hopefully they're cheaper bought locally.

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They are beautiful, but I do prefer to eat on plainer plates. Just me but I can see where they make nice table settings.

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Dirt cheap in Poland, or at least they were. The Unikat designs were high but the salad plates were about $2 in 1998. Mine came from websites that were created to fill the need for the US customer after returning from a tour there. They weren't cheap but not at bad as those are on that site!

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A friend of mine has a Baltic amber business, and she travels often to Poland. Last year she showed me some of her pieces, mostly bowls. Beautiful designs, very fancy, and very expensive!

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I have a few pieces for decoration that were a gift. Very pretty!

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I visited Poland about 7 years ago and purchased a beautiful covered bowl in Krakow. I also purchased beautful amber and I love being reminded of that trip. The pottery is beautiful. Satine

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actually, I like white, and light weight. I bought me some Corelle in winter white.

The food shows up so much better. :)


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They're beautiful, Jae.

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They are very beautiful! I have a few serving pieces I have picked up at Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning, etc. Just odd pieces, no sets. I just love dishes, but not necessarily sets. I have lots of different kinds of plates, usually 8 of a kind. We live a very casual lifestyle, no formal dinners, but I like a pretty table.


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Although I'd never pay those kinds of prices, they are very pretty! And what an amazing variety of patterns!

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They are beautiful. I would love to have a few pieces.

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All my dishes are polish pottery, the majority of which I've collected over the past years from TJ Maxx & Marshall's. I'm now considering changing my kitchen countertops to granite and one of my concerns is the busy pattern of granite with the busy pattern of my dishes. I can't imagine the pottery on granite but don't want to give up my dishes. I love some of my pieces. Oh, and I was introduced to Polish pottery by my SIL, who was a military wife in Germany for two tours.

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They are beautiful but I am one that likes Corelle white dishes too.

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Man, I'm so embarrassed..... square white crockery from the dollar store. A plate gets chipped it's gone and replaced. lol It's the same for wine glasses, grab a case and as they go down the tubes we grab another case. :(

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Another one that uses Corelle...I LOVE IT! I used to have regular old plates and they are so heavy and cumbersome....Mom bought me a set of Corelle for my birthday one year and I've never wanted anything else.

I own ONE decorative heavy bowl with a chicken painted on it and it's the most cumbersome piece of decor I own. OH yeah and I also have a heavy McCoy bowl I found (large 14") for $2 at a thrift shop...much overrated!

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Very pretty. Yes, I can see all the patterns would go with each other.

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I also love Corelle white plates. i've had corelle for years in a white with gold pattern. After years of use I went with all white. For serving piece I use Temptations dishes purchased on QVC. Easy cleanup and decorative. Corelle is so light weight and as I age they are easy for me to put into the cabinets. Mary

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Have you considered an alternative to granite, I don't want granite, I love veined soap stone soo pretty with out being overly showy. The dishes would go beautifully with it.

I have several sets of dishes and I am clearing out this month, our neighbors are having a multi home garage sale my dishes along with a lot of other un needed and un wanted stuff will be in the sale and gone.

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