replacing toilets in 1985 manufactured

BeckybugielskiJuly 8, 2014

We just purchased a manufactured double wide home in SW FL and are planning on going in the future for winters. We live in WI and I was wondering if toilet replacement would be easy or is it so different than home replacement? We are going to be going down to clean and update. I also would like to know what works best best on painting the groove walls, should one somehow fill the grooves before painting, what best kind of paint? Any info on remodeling or pictures would be appreciated.

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we have a 1986 Fleetwood we replace toilets in. Not hard at all. We went to Sam's Club and got the water saver toilets there. Had no problems installing them.

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Toilet replacement should be fairly easy. Hopefully you won't find any floor damage which would make a little more work. I don't know that I'd fill in grooves before painting. It would be a lot of messy work. I like the look of painted paneling myself. My walls are sheetrock panels. I found using a primer before painting works best. I like Zinser water-based primer better than Kilz. I tried a couple brands (Valspar, Clark-Kensington) of paint-primer-in-one and seems I get better adherence using a separate primer. I also like Glidden latex paint from Wal-Mart. Good luck!

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Hi there. I've been in my mobile home for 28 years and have had many adventures in remodeling and redecorating. The toilets are no issue at all. All the standards are pretty much the same as stick built houses. As mentioned from another poster, hopefully there have been no leaks and the floor is still sound at your mobile. Otherwise ( and I've been through this) the particle board flooring sucks up water like a sponge. Mine is a 1972, so maybe your mobile has plywood and not the particle board flooring because that is a pain to replace. But no worries on any of the plumbing fixtures. As for the walls, I've probably put 8 to 10 coats of paint on my walls over the years. So now my walls do indeed look like sheetrock! LoL. But when I first started, I primed and painted without doing anything about the grooves. That was ok for about a year. A year of looking at it wishing I had filled the grooves so it would look more like sheet rock. So I took paintable caulk and a putty knife and filled every groove. The results were wonderful. As long as you apply a thin line and scrape it down with your putty knife, there is no need to sand it down. Make sure you seal those corners too. As my mobile shifted and settle, the corners needed to be filled again and touched up. But that didn't happen for a long time.
Sorry this was so long winded. Like I said, I've had many adventures in my mobile. Not bad for a girl who does all her own plumbing, electrical and construction repairs. Right?

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