I painted my countertops

abbisgramJuly 2, 2011

I used a product you can see on Gianigranite.com. I am planning to paint my cabinets a light color using the Rustoleum kit. Click on the pics to see them bigger:

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Oops! The lighting makes one look darker than the other. They are the same color.

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gmatx zone 6

That looks great! Was it fairly easy to do? Share your info, please.

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It wasn't hard to do, just took a little time. I had to do some extra prep to remove the silicone caulk between the tile border and the countertop. Then I recaulked with a paintable caulk. Basically you prime, allow a minimum drying time, then add your colors, dry, then topcoat. The website says you can complete it over a weekend. I worked on it a few hours each evening after work so by the weekend I had it done. Well worth the effort it took. It's been a year now and still looks great.

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They look fantastic, great job!

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Did the same to mine! Love it, altho I bought some clear acrylic and added another coat of sealer.

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Love the effect .. wanting to redo our kitchen after all the other re-do's we have accomplished; but just can't afford cabinets and counters right now.. this might help freshen things up..just wondering about painting the cabinets though... they have what appears to be a paper finish that is wearing off esp around the handles where they are touched so often.. any suggestions or directions to find out ..Thanks!

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Sorry, rommy, I have no idea what you'd need to do in that situation. Have you tried a search here? I'll see if I can find anything.

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Rommy, I found this. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: painted bathroom vanity

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I have the same cabinets with the same problems! Last summer I painted the bathroom cabinets, and now I'm in process of painting the kitchen cabinets. I learned a lot in between, and I'm definitely a better painter now, but using the right products and tools helps.

Primer: Zinsser BIN
It sticks to just about anything and cures super fast. If you can't stomach the price (shellac-based products sky rocketed in January), Cover Stain or Bullseye 123 (both also by Zinsser) are good, too. I also used a coat of Ace Alkyd Enamel Undercoater on the kitchen cabinets (because I got distracted and waited too long to paint after priming with BIN, so I had to prime again). The Enamel Undercoater is supposed to provide a smooth base for enamel finishes, and I think it worked.

Paint: In the bathroom I used Ace High Gloss Interior/Exterior latex paint, but in the kitchen I used Ace Cabinet and Trim Alkatex paint. It has the best properties of both latex and oil base paints, and it's fabulous! I'm not happy with how the bathroom cabinets turned out (my fault mostly, for back brushing too much), but the kitchen cabinets are great. One of these days I'll go back over the bathroom cabinets with the Cabinet & Trim, too.

I pretty much treated the cabinets like wood; degreased with mineral spirits, cleaned with powdered Dirtex, sanded and filled hardware holes as needed, and then primed and painted with light sanding in between coats. The Ace Cabinet & Trim paint levels out beautifully, you just have to be sure not to brush it too long. Oh, and use a good brush, like Purdy or Wooster. The best trick I found was to drill screws into boards to balance the cabinet doors on. That way, you can turn the doors to paint the other side and you just have a little scratch on the back from the screws to touch up rather than letting them dry forever or having the paint stick to a larger surface.

Here's a pic of my in progress kitchen:

The fake wood remains on the bottom, but the uppers are finished! I can't even explain how much richer the kitchen feels now. I'm so in love with the look of the painted cabinets; I'd repressed how depressing the fake wood was, but seeing the shiny white paint has been a major lift to my spirits!

Here is a link that might be useful: Painting Cabinets

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Should I paint my cabinets first or paint my counter tops using the Gianigranite? I need to do both and just didn't know which one to do first...

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If you are definitely using the Gianigranite, I would do the countertops first. There are so many color variations you could come up with, depending on how you apply the paint. Then you could pick your cabinet color from there. I chose my cabinet color from the lighter color in my countertop. Of course, it all ties in with my flooring too. Good luck with your project!

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