Soon to be new Deer Valley owner

southern_girl_laJuly 7, 2008

We've bought a new Deer Valley and are awaiting it's arrival, hopefully next week! I'm very excited. I researched the different manufacturers, and decided to go with them. I love the floor plan we picked out, and I love that I got to pick out so much of the interior, too. Has anyone here got a Deer Valley? I have a friend who bought one 3 years ago, and she loves hers. We looked at several, like 10 different display homes that the dealer had to show, and I was really impressed with the construction. We wanted to build a house, but it just wasn't going to be possible. For a 2000 sq ft with attached garage was going to cost about 200K. The DV we are getting is 2000 sq ft (alas, no garage, we'll have to build that later), and a little less than half that. Our dealer got us a great mortgage rate, fixed, that we are very pleased with. I just know I'll be able to sleep at night without worrying about some outrageous note due every month.

Anyway, glad to have found this forum!

Any feedback from DV owners would be appreciated.

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We too researched Deer Valley Mfg. Homes, and also Patriot Homes... which are nearly identical in floor plans, and virtually identical in construction. I think we will probably go with the Patriot Home as it is about 20% less costly, but same quality and floor plans... We have to wait for your current home to sell before we do anythiing, and at the moment we are preparing the home to list. But not in a rush neither... thinking maybe 4 or 5 years down the road... Deer Valley is a terrific unit and I think you will love living in it..

BTW Congratulations on your new digs...


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My husband and I also are looking at a custom Modular Deer Valley home. We are very impressed with their constuction as well. We too were looking to build, but didn't want to be married to a house note. Our pricing for the modular will be $55.00 a square foot. You can't beat that!

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My husaband and I have looked at tons of mods and Deer Valley is currently our favorite also. I love their rounded corners and high class look. Our floor plan needs tweeked a bit to incorporate a family room but other than that, there's nothing I would change. We are currently clearing the land to place it and should have it placed by next spring. Also, we went with the off frame mod for resale potential and the ability to have 9 foot ceilings. I am soooo excited, I can't wait. My husband is looking forward to the huge side by side refrig/freezer that takes up half the wall. :)

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Just a comment for thought~Rounded corners on walls make it difficult to have various paint colors in the house.
The kitchen rounds to the dining room which rounds to the living room which rounds to the hallway. Stopping paint on a rounded corner to do another color has proven to be a challenge for me.

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Been in our Deer Valley for a month now and we are absolutely in love with our new home...did months of research and I feel like we bought the best home on the market today and bought from the best dealer in the state of Arkansas...Mitchell's First Quality Homes of Searcy..I.just want to say that the dealer you choose to buy your home from is even more important than the manufacturer

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