settling crack in ceiling

nolakateJuly 14, 2008

i have had my manufactured home set up for 2 months now. i just noticed a 12" crack in the ceiling goop where the marriage line wall ends in the middle of the house. also the crown molding had a joint about 5 inches back from the end of the wall and it has separated about 1/8" at the top to nothing at the bottom.

is this normal? or should i call the set up company and have the leveling checked? i don't want to seem like a crybaby but also don't want to wait until the thing cracks in half!!! thanks

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You don't have to worry about the home cracking in half, but you should contact the responsible party for repairing the problem. Addressing it now may mitigate any further problems that might develop if left unchecked.

I don't know how your contract reads to know who is responsible. If you hired the set-up company yourself, then perhaps it's up to you to contact them. If they were hired by your dealer, then it should be their responsibility to contact the set commpany, if indeed it is a set problem.

I'd try the dealer as the first step. Even if they are not responsible for fixing the problems, they should at least be aware of it. If I were selling a product, I would like to know that the people who is installing it is doing their job properly, or at least addressing the occasional unforseen problem that may arise even with the most competent and conscientious company.

Most dealers and set crews take pride in their work and should work with you to correct problems, particularly problems that my get worse if left unaddressed.


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Is this crack on the marriage wall in the middle of the ceiling because you did a microlam beam? Then it was finished onsite and you should call your dealer/builder and he can get his sheetrock guy back in. If there's a wall on the marriage wall and the crack is ceiling separating from the wall, it was a factory joint. The dealer is still your point of contact unless you bought the home directly from the factory and set it, finished it yourself. He'll take care of it (if it's only one) or have the factory rep take a look (I had a lot of ceiling and wall cracks along joists/studs so my dealer/builder called in the factory - they fixed them but I had to skim to smooth all the new joints out and repaint - cost me nearly as much as originally cost to paint the entire interior). You may always have a hump in the ceiling where the microlam is - we've got a master bedroom that goes into the back module and unless someone had a 4ft knife, it's not ever going to be flat. Good luck.

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