flooring options in a kitchen remodel

zzsladiesJuly 2, 2006


we are about 6 weeks into a full kitchen remodel, we took out the bar (best idea ever!) painted the cabinets, new wallpaper, new cabinets where needed, and new kitchen faucet, sink, now we are ready for the flooring. our house is a 28x 80 double wide, so that means that each half is over the 12 ft width of linoleum,(we need over 350 square ft) we are too active for a seam, as i think it would wrinkle, we have rolling chairs in the kitchen, and what we have now, wrinkles in places. we cant use ceramic tile, as the floor can give in places, it is very sturdy, but still not a good idea, we thought of "edge precision tiles" in the floor, it was a floating ceramic floor, but the reviews of it were terrible, and its a bad product! so what can we put down, we want something relatively easy to install, it can be installed by either us or a pro, very durable, and pretty as well,,,, does any one have any ideas for a floor ???? any suggestions are greatly appreciated...

p.s. relatively economical as well,, i am a college student,,,,,lol.



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If you can't use ceramic because the floor gives, then you cant do wood either. Until the the floor is fixed and solid your only choice is more linoleum.

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We have vinyl Peel N Stick tiles in most of our home. I absolutely LOVE the tile we picked for the kitchen and hallway/laundry room just off of the kitchen almost 3 years ago. My Gran is always telling others how it doesn't even look like vinyl when you see it! It doesn't show a lot of dirt and it's really neutral, too!

We also put down lamninate flooring in our bedroom in March. I am so in love with it! So much nicer than the old carpet and it's very easy to take care of!

I just remembered I had a few pics already uploaded into Photobucket that shows the two rooms mentioned...

Bedroom right after completed....only took DH about 3 hours!

Kitchen....this was taken right after I painted the fake wood cabinets in Jan. Best idea ever!

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Well, mmmm. I think your only bet is lino. There are grades of linoleum. Pretty high end stuff available that is a bit "harder". There is also the laminate wood flooring. What I heard on another manuf home site (they did a poll w/everyone who has or had it) is that you get what you pay for. It's slippery, and w/animals their nails can damage and they can't grip well, bad for wet areas as no matter what they say, water still seaps into the seams and can wreck it. It also shows a lot of dirt/dust, depending on the darkness. The more you spend on laminate the better the product. So you have to figure what your traffic is like on your floor. Laminate would be best in bedrooms or entry ways just because of water damage in other areas and lack of high traffic. Like I said, depends on your traffic. I have kids and dogs and having a laminate in the kitchen would be ruined. My floor is always wet somewhere. (But I have to say, I love the look).

Lino comes in 14 ft wide rolls in addition to 12 ft. although more of a selection I believe is 12 ft. You also may have to go to a flooring store for the wider lino and not a Lowes or Home Depot type store. It may be in your best interest to find other kitchen chairs! LOL!

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how about a laminate floor, like pergo. We have one and it looks great. Fairly easy to install and gives a little at the edge. Something to consider. Good luck.

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