Question on what would be the cheapest

alwaysplantinthingsJuly 4, 2013

Stumbled upon this site a few days ago.Have read many posts and itching to do something but clueless to the cheapest/fastest way but I want a well done job, not cheap looking..
I bought my 92 Sw mobile home last August. My son's room is flowery wallpaper and being a teenager thought it would be nice to update his room/bathroom first. If choice was up to him he'd have me paint it Black...but I won't go for that, but I will settle for a lighter shade of gray.
I hate the batten strips, so I want to remove them, fill in with joint compound (I've used joint compound alot, had texturized 2 homes walls kinda' rustic finish...which I LOVE) so with that being said, I'm very familiar with the stuff and this being an older home has seen many imperfections on the walls (vinyl covered wallboard) so I thought this would cover the uglies well without too much extra effort, preparation and money.
But have also seen the brown bag covering effect (which I think is interesting but not sure it will hold up to a teenager's abuse/normal everyday wear and tear). I'm wondering which would be the cheapest way of doing things as I'm a single mom on a limited budget.
Any suggestions? If I do the joint compond would I need to do something special to the walls as to have the stuff adhere? I had planned on using the webbed sticky tape stuff for the seams under batten strips.
Thanks in advance. So glad I found this site as I'm dying to do some improvements on this place.

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I am in the process of doing this in my MH. I used the sticky joint tape and drywall mud. I had never done this before, so I'm not a great mudder, but it is coming out fine. I didn't use anything to prep the walls except to give them a good scrubbing and then wash with TSP. You will have to prime the walls so the wallpaper pattern doesn't show through, and I have read that if your walls are smooth and shiny to scuff them up a little so the primer and paint stick.
I guess it would be cheaper to paint over the strips, but the only difference is not needing the tape and mud, and they are not that expensive, all the other prep work for painting would be the same.
Good luck, and have fun!

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Thanks tiggerbear. I love doing makeovers, gives a fresh new look.
I'm planning on doing the wall texture all over the walls, not just the strips (posting a pic of the overall effect I'm wanting to achieve, hopefully). I will be sure to wash them good and pick up TSP. So are you saying I should scuff and prime walls first to get the mud (joint compound) to adhere?

Would love see pics of your work.

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I did not scuff or prime before taping and mudding and both adhered well.

I am going to try painting a small area without scuffing (is that a word?). I will prime to cover the wallpaper. It has been super hot and humid here so painting is on hold for now.

I love that texture. I was thinking of trying to texture, but not sure I'm ready for that. Maybe a little more internet research is in order for me :)

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