Modular Homes in NJ

counselor4444July 9, 2010

Hi all,

My husband and I are starting to consider buying property and building a modular home in Morris County, NJ. I could really use some help. Can you suggest 1) modular home manufacturers in the tristate area and 2) modular builders in the area

Also, how do you recommend that I vet the manufacturer and builders I look at for reliability?

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I grew up in Morris county! Succasunna. We left to live in the country. Vermont.

Modulars are very popular since our building season is so short. I have a modular on a couple acres and since it's our "downsizing" home it fits us perfectly.

Now, the main thing you must know about modulars is, they are NOT necessarily CHEAPER than a stick built home. The cost of land, well, septic, basement, driveway, permits, etc are all the same. The ONLY advantage is TIME. Depending on the style, you can be in a home that is every bit as good as a site built home in 90 days from placement of the order to getting the keys. We ordered our home on labor Day Weekend and had Thanksgiving dinner in our dining room.

Having said that, there is a modular company that has complete communities up here. Westchester Modular Homes. I would dare anybody to drive through some of the communities and tell me they are modular homes just from looking at them.

They also have a builder in NJ that covers Morris County.
The link is below, You can see the different styles, options, etc. Then click on the state, find the builder and contact him.

When you look at the design gallery page, you'll see a colonial. That style home is very common here in our town. There's one by Westchester that replaced a home built in the 1840s that burned. It looks like it's been there since then. And if fits in with the other houses built in the 1800s. And nobody can tell it's a modular.

Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Westchester Modular Homes

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I spoke to the builder in my area that is the builder for Westchester Modular Homes and he gave me a ridiculous price. So, I started looking into other modular home manufacturers. Does anyone have any info on Apex Modular? What about Professional Building Systems of PA?


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I am sorry Christopher, but I have to disagree. Everyone insists that their home has to be new. I have a 1978 New Eagle Double wide, and it was well maintained over the years. I paid only $3000 for it and the land rent is $170 a month. My taxes on this are less than $30 a year. If you can find one that is used and well maintained, go for it. What you cut out in debt payments on something brand new will be well worth it. I put out maybe $700 a month for all expenses including my internet and phone. Between me and my girlfriend, that's less than 20% of our income. We can save 25% of our income living in a trailer. I'm 32. by the time I'm 50, We'll be millionaires, and we will just pay cash for a house. So you tell me, is taking on all that debt really worth it?

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Trailers are not allowed in Northern NJ. The towns just won't permit them unless they're in a park. So either a site built or modular is the only way to go.

And with land prices starting at $5,000 for a 65x65 lot up to 5.6 million for 8 acres, a trailer just isn't feasable.

Counselor, what is your price range? If you're looking for "cheap", remember, you get what you pay for.

I moved from Succasunna to the Poconos. I then escaped to Vermont. (The trees are close together and the people are far apart) I can attest there are VERY FEW reputable builders out there! Many modular companies sprang up to deal with the influx of NOO YAWKAS moving there. So be VERY CAREFUL! Those people can do a jig under the belly of a snake!

Do you already have your land? Septic or sewer? A septic system in NJ costs about $25,000 today. Every place else it's about $3,500.

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Apex Homes and PBS are both well known modular companies and the pricing from one of their builders should be substainally less then Westchester. You may also want to try Signature Building Systems. (I am a Signature Builder so I am, of course, biased.)

Are you looking for a turnkey project or just someone to supply the house?

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