insurance void if additions or changes made

kenmaxJuly 12, 2010

I was told by State farm & Allstate if I replace siding with brick or add on, my policy would be voided. Any changes to the outside finish or roof line would void the policy. If I did it without asking and ever had a claim they would not cover it. Anyone else heard of this stupid rule? Any insurance companies that will cover it?

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Your homeowner's policy covers certain things. And if you add to the home, you notify your insurance agent, and s/he makes the necessary changes to cover your additions/changes.

When we installed a woodstove in our new modular we had to notify the insurance company. Because if we didn't, and had a fire, it wouldn't be covered. So a phone call to the agent, along with the certs of a professional installation was all we needed to do. And our premium went up a whole $3 a month. But when we get an old fashioned New England Nor'easter in winter, the wind is howling, there's 40 inches of snow on the ground, and the power goes out for 3 days, that stove is heaven, and well worth the extra three bucks a month!

Now you may have a policy for a manufactured home, and you want to make some changes to make it more "permanent", so you might just need a different policy, that's all.

It's really not that big a deal.

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Thats what we thought as well, but after speaking to both insurance co. we were told that in Tennessee we could not make changes to the outside with a manufactured home policy and could not get a regular home policy because it was a manufactured home! Makes no sense to me. Now we can make changes inside like adding a stove with no problem. Just wondered if anyone else has been told this by Allstate or State Farm? They said even with professional installation, inspection etc would not matter.

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Walk into an independent agent in town that writes for various companies and tell him/her what you want to do.

Our homeowner's policy isn't with any of the major companies.

You just might find a small Tenn based company that suits your needs just fine.

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Try Farm Bureau. I'm in TN as well. My parents added on to their mobile home and never had any issues. Also put in a wood stove and again, no issues. Good luck!

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