Checkerboard floor in a vintage kitchen?

mama goose_gw zn6OHJanuary 22, 2012

I posted for help in the Home Decorating forum, because this is more of a 'color choice' question, but I'd like input from anyone who wants to weigh in:

Thread in Home Decorating forum

I'm sorry to post just a link here, but the thread is long, with a lot of pictures. Thanks!

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The first that came to mind is this kitchen that I recently pinned:

You do have a lot going on so if you did the checkerboard maybe two similar colors like this kitchen. This flooring is marmolueum.

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See Sayde's gorgeous kitchen on Gardenweb.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

tami78, thank you for the picture. That kitchen is beautiful--the neutral floor colors as well as the large tiles add to the calm feel of the space. The tiles I'm considering are 12" Armstrong, a budget friendly alternative.

francoise, thank you--sayde's kitchen is amazing!

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I like the idea of the lighter contrast of colors but
anything could work. What do you like best?
I think it depends on how much lighting you have too.
Here are some ideas. Good luck on your space it is going
to be fun to transform.

Can you believe this is cork!!!!!

Another cork floor in checkerboard pattern

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I was also thinking a lower contrast would work well for you since you have a lot of interesting things going on up top.

I don't think green would be a good choice because that would take away from your green cabs. The band idea that greendesigns showed would be an exception. I love doing a band in that kind of floor and the green would be minimized.

I think a medium and light color combo would be ideal in your kitchen. I'd want some contrast, but not a glaring black and white in your space since you already have differing materials. In a white kitchen or solid color wood, it works better. You could even do 3 or 4 colors in a pattern as long as the tones work together.

You might even do a non-checkerboard pattern:

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

boxerpups, Thank you! I thought I'd seen every checkerboard kitchen floor pic on the internet, but you've managed to surprise me. I really like the yellow/white, and the next to last pic, with a gray tile--less contrast. The kitchen has no window--borrows light and views from adjacent rooms, so tends to be dark until later in the afternoon. I like the idea of two light colors, but I don't want 'ho-hum.' I posted about a solid pumpkin orange on the other thread--that would be a real wake-up call! Thank you for taking the time to post all the pictures.

dianalo, I considered a simplified 'plaid' using three colors, but I think that would need some contrast to look good. I do love the idea of a 'rug' with a contrasting edge--a real vintage look. Thank you!

Here's a pic that I found on an older GW thread--love this kitchen!

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Here's mine from my old kitchen

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I'm not adventuresome enough to do it but I love the look!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

aloha, me, too! I think that's why I can't make up my mind--I love it but I'm afraid to commit.

marcydc, your old kitchen reminds my of my grandmother's kitchen, when I was a child (and that's a compliment :). I see that the large squares are actually four smaller tiles laid together--what size was your kitchen? I have about 9 feet from counter-to-counter, and the larger squares measure 34" from corner to corner, so there would be room for 3 whole squares, on the diagonal, plus a narrow edge strip. That might simplify the look. Thank you!

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I love the look, and I like the apple green and off white checkerboard you posted. Light but still a statement. The corks are nice too.

Really a great idea!

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I had a black and white checkerboard on a diagonal pattern in my small 1940s kitchen in my last home. I adored my floor. The cabinets were painted white and we had original stainless counters still in place. It was the most charming space.

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Here is what I am doing. The stones are travertine, in 6"x6".

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It did the back entry corner of my kitchen in this stone tile, and it has a very appropriate look IMO.

It's Jerusalem Gold and Rojo Alicante, 12x12, tumbled.

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Aww, Casey, that is beautiful. I hope mine turns out 1/2 as nice as yours.

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I love ALL those floors. Aloha, yours will look great, too. I agree with all those who suggest cutting down the contrast, either light-dark or softening color-on-color, or both. Also, I noticed how many of those kitchens have one of the floor colors echoing the wall color. It's not the only way to go but definitely a great tool for pulling it all together happily.

Boxerpups, thanks for posting that picture with the blue cabinets below the wall of windows and the dark island. I'm finally storing it away because it's been one of my very, very favorite kitchens every since I first saw it. Can't say exactly why, it has individual elements I've never considered, but I just want the whole thing every time I see it.

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it's gone, so it is a little hard to measure. but looking at the old plans, i'd say it was about 9x13. It was u shaped with the counter on the left being just out of the picture. Yes, they are 1 foot tiles in groupings of 4, which i think makes it look less busy, even in green and yellow.

Here's another pic, that doesn't include much of the floor, but i'm pretty sure it was just the 3 diamonds across.

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I love the checkerboard floor! I think it would look great. If it starts to look to busy just start taking away some accessories.

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Anytime, glad to share the pictures.


Is that your dog? CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could just
squeeze his adorable little nose and smile at his sweet
eyes. I melt over big dogs.

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I don't know if you've seen it but since you are also considering 3 colors the kitchen in the tv show Hot in Cleveland uses it. The pictures in the link below do a good job of showing the floor pattern over a large expanse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot in Cleveland kitchen

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

mobydog, thank you--that's the feeling I want to evoke in my kitchen!

mtnrdredux, thank you! I need to do some research on cork tiles.

Angie_DIY, thank you--I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your finished floor--love the colors you're using.

sombreuil_mongrel, thank you for the pic. The colors look perfect with the wood tones you've used--they suggest a warm welcome to your wonderful kitchen.

rosie, thank you, the green/cream/yellow combos seem to be the favorites.

marcydc, thank you for the measurements. I love the green and yellow--it's just right for a vintage kitchen.

jjdcl, thank you. Oh no, not my accessories! (LOL ;)

boxerpups, :)

skyedog, I've never heard of the show, but I LOVE that kitchen, and the floor! LOL, I wouldn't want to cook there, with the limited counter space, but looking at the pictures is fun. Thank you for the link.


Thank you all for the pictures, advice and suggestions.

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