Oscar Pistorius

enjoyingspringFebruary 24, 2013

What if he is telling the truth, I think he is. Most sociopathys do not show the emotions that Oscar showed in court, he was truly a broken man for what he did.

Living in the type of society in South Africa I can see people are always looking over their shoulders. And again if he would not have had that damn gun in the home she would be alive.

I have heard of so many cases in the US where parents shoot their children thinking they are intruders.

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My proposed scenerio:
She was hiding from him in locked water closet after he beat her over the head with a cricket bat and then he went and finished
the job.
A burglar in the bathroom? What? Stealing toilet paper?
Who blasts away without checking where their partner is?
One doesn't expect to be riddled with bullets when they
go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
No shouted warning? "It's just me honey!"
He's guilty as he!!. Steroids?

ed. for spelling error

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Sociopaths...... the great pretenders! Of course they are capable of showing dramatic emotions. They fool people all.the.time..... Maybe Oscar should be nominated for the statue? Nevertheless, he is probably VERY remorseful (from many perspectives) that he killed her, not the least of which he probably did love her. Deadly love.

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Yes, I, too wondered about steroid use here.

And had the same exact thoughts--what kind of burglar ends up in the bathroom? Yep, that's generally where all the really VALUABLE stuff that's not nailed down is, right? Not.

I so wish I could believe he was not guilty--what he did at the Olympics was truly admirable and epic. But it's next to impossible to believe his story--especially since apparently he had to have his legs ON when he fired, according to the reports on the trajectory of the bullets. Such a sad, sad story.

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Guilty as hell, IMO!

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If he thought he had an intruder cornered in a locked bathroom, why not keep the gun on the door and call 911. He was in no immediate danger of being harmed. Another option would be to wake up the girlfriend and get out. In that scenario he would have discovered that she wasn't in bed. Just doesn't make sense to me that hw would blast away as his 1st option. Putting myself in that position I think I would try to get out.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I've head and read so much conflicting info, that I really haven't formed an opinion yet.

It was said there was blood on the cricket bat, and then no blood.

It was said that she suffered no injuries as if beaten with a cricket bat.

Found this on line...
The hearing began on Tuesday and both prosecution and defence laid out their cases.

Both sides agree that Mr Pistorius shot through the bathroom door four times, hitting and killing Ms Steenkamp.

But prosecutors allege the shooting happened after the couple had an argument at Mr Pistorius's home in the early hours of 14 February.

Det Botha told the court that witnesses had heard shouting, screaming and gunfire from about 600m (2,000ft) away.

But later he changed his evidence to suggest the witnesses were much closer.
huh...2000' is almost 2/5ths of a mile, so no wonder the 'evidence' was changed...sigh.

South Africa's National Prosecution Agency spokesperson Medupe Simasiku said the substance found is still being tested, reported AP. Detective Warrant Officer Hilton Botha earlier stated that testosterone and needles had been found in the athlete's bedroom.

Pistorius' defense attorney had responded by saying the substance was a "herbal remedy," not something prohibited for Olympic and Paralympic athletes, while the prosecution shied away from directly accusing Pistorius of abusing it, according to Slate, adding, it's "possible that both sides are technically correct."

Reports of steroids surfacing in Pistorius' home are incorrect, said Slate, noting that Prosecutor Gerrie Nel corrected Hilton Botha when he first called them that.

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It is easy for form an opinion, but remember, we don't know the whole story. I for one, will wait until all the facts are revealed, if ever.

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Also, his brother, Carl, is now being charged with murder:


Here is a link that might be useful: Pistorius brothers both charged with murder!

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His brother Carl was in a auto accident and a woman died, he didn't murder her. This has nothing to do with Oscar.

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I hope you feel better now, enjoyingspring.

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No, wish I didn't start this topic. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, but I see here most do not feel the same.

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This is becoming the South African version of the OJ Simpson case. Authorities bumbled the investigation. Next thing you know there will be a leather glove that doesn't fit. The entire case is absolutely heartbreaking. For some unknown reason, I feel a little sorry for the guy, although I shouldn't. Maybe because his fall from grace was so steep -- from the heights to the depths. I do feel very bad for his parents, but even worse for Steenkamp's family. It's all just completely tragic.

Enjoyingspring, you have just as much right to an opinion as anyone else.

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It is very tragic - no matter what the outcome.

I have lost all trust in public figures, especially athletes since Lance Armstrong. I really wanted to believe he didn't dope.

I never did believe any politician, so no problems there - LOL!

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"This is becoming the South African version of the OJ Simpson case."

Listening to Alan Dershowitz, this is nothing like the OJ Simpson case. Fact after fact after fact are different.

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I'm sick of hearing about this! I am surprised that South Africa does not have a trial by jury in murder cases.

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