Suggestions on best MH manufacturer in tri-state?

tresor27June 27, 2009

Due to tax reasons, my husband and I are looking to put a HUD home on property we have purchased in Upstate NY. We are considering Commodore, Colony, Pine Grove and Eagle River homes and would greatly appreciate any feedback on these brands. Also, regarding dealers, we are considering Heritage Homes and Patriot Homes in PA as well as Makovic Homes in NY. Does anyone have experience with any of these? I have looked them up on the BBB website and have also read GrissimÂs guides for his rating on the various brands of MH. In your opinion is it more important that the manufacturer or the dealer be reputable? Ultimately who is responsible if we have problems with our home? Thank you very much!

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We live in upstate NY and purchased a Ritz-Craft, made in PA, and have lived in it for 7 years. No problems with it yet. We did have the floors and roof joists beefed up since many MHs do not have the best of structure. We went to the factory to see what they offered - looked at their products, watched production, and decided we would get this MH - never sorry. You may want to add this to our list.

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Hi Kaye,

Thank you for your input. We had looked at Ritz-Craft but didn't find any floorplan that we liked. In the end it looks like we'll be going with Pine Grove; based on what information I've found it seems they have a reputation for good construction. I hope we won't have any problems!

Thanks again!

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