Going from composition shingle to a metal roof

pmikerJune 14, 2012

I have a 1995 Silhouette 28x80 (76 actual) mobile home. The roof is shingled and extends 1 foot beyond the walls of the home. The roof needs redoing. There is damage in a number of places so the shingle will have to go and the damage repaired. I have a estimate using 30 lb felt, repairing the damage and roofing with either composition or metal. If metal, the mushroom vents will be removed and a vent running along the top will be installed. It's about $5000 for the shingles and $9000 for the metal. Warrenty on the shingles is 25 years and 3 year labor warranty. For metal it is 40 years on the metal and 5 on the labor.

Has anyone here switched from shingle to metal? Are you happy with your decision?


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See the thread "It's hot inside..." here in this forum. There is a post there from a person who would very much recommend the metal roof over the shingles. I would suggest aluminum, and not steel. YMMV.

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As you may know, some areas have different rules for mobile homes compared to stick-built homes. Some areas forbid mobile homes with metal roofs. My guess is that unsightly rust is the concern- don't want to offend the visual sensibilities of Mrs. I'm Better Than You. But metal roof might prevent your unit from being moved to such a jurisdiction.

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I went with the metal. It's a standard metal roof as is used on stick built homes. Nice, very nice. This house is staying where it's at so moving is not a concern. No more leaks, not much maintenance. It was pricey but I've known folks to put the same kind on stick builts for a lot more money. My price probably reflects the fact that the angle is low and the shape is rectangular.

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We just got our metal roof about 3 weeks ago. We are loving it! It was $4,200.00(Yes that is correct ) . And the metal was only $200 more than the cost of the shingle roof. It was applied directly over the old shingle roof and took them a day and a half- they were cleaned up and gone by noon of the second day. Our house is 28 x 80. We chose the light silvery color because it will match any color I decide to paint the shutters. The roofer said it was a good choice because it will reflect heat in the summer.

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I love my metal roof. It was applied directly over the shingled roof and the "team" was done in 4 hours! The first quote I got for a metal job was over $6000. The second quote was $2900. You can guess which one I chose. The color is white and so far, it has made a huge difference in the summer months. Good luck.

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Metal roof going on my 28x60 next month. I am buying all the materials and having the metal put on wood strips plus I am changing the two skylights. Labor will be 1300 and 2500 for materials. $3800 total.

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My mom had it done and loves it ,they put regular wood rafters put up so the roof would be vented . They live in the rain forest so tons of moisture. The low slope on the roof caused the three tab to leak. The only down side I can see is its now noisy in rooms like the bathroom where the vents transfers the noise. Hers has been on 20 plus years without any problems.

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I've done shingle roofs, metal roofs, and rubber roofs. The problem free roofs are the metal roofs. Why? People have a strange desire to get onto a rubber roof, and they do not realize the damage they are causing. 100% of the rubber roofs, had an injury from someone being on the roof. (high heals!, sitting on a chair to watch fireworks, etc). Shingle roofs? Shingle heat and fall out, or they get damaged, etc. (homeowners in the north have to shovel snow off shingle roofs). The metal roofs with a nice pitch shed snow fast. My lastest love...is a cold roof, where there might be two roof decks , and the insulation in the attic space can be packed to the gills. Imagine, But, for a mobile home, it's a metal roof elevated slightly above the insulation, with spaced out 2x4's (or such) provide a 1.5 inch air flow. Special framing at the ends(with metal screens), allow air to flow under the deck and water barrier and over the ridgid insulation. Works great in cold areas of the country.. Unnecessary in warm ares of the country.

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Are you having static electricity? Please tell me about your grounding rod.

We too, are planning to have a 26 gauge metal roof put on. However, my friend, who already has a metal roof, says that I need a grounding rod because they have a lot of static electricity in their home since having the metal roof put on. The static electricity affects when they touch each other, their hair, and their clarity on the telephones.

Our manufactured home is a triple wide and we have received a quote of $12,000. Seems very high compared to what I am reading in this forum.

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