Boy its hot!

wanna_be_farmerJune 5, 2008

Hi first time posting here. We have a 2007 Clayton double wide on foundation. Just set up and moved into in October of 2007. Heated the place just fine for our mild Virginia winter.

Well now it is in the low 90's and its 84 inside. The 2.5 ton AC comes on around 10 in the morning set at about 75 76. Doesn't catch up to turn off till around 10 at night.

We have turned vents on off cieling fans on high. May have to go buy a window unit this weekend! Called our sales center. Uquivelant to dialing a wrong number. They said they would look into it. Means they forgot we called as they hung up.

Any suggestion on what to do? We can't go thru the summer here like this, can't even imagine the electric bill. This is out first manufactured.

Do we need an attic vent? We have a 5-12 roof if that is trapping too much heat?

Thanks for any chilling tips or comments!


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Hi Rory,,sorry to hear,,had the same trouble myself. My unit was too small. I hope someone who knows can answer. My doublewide has been nothing but problems.

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Thanks for the reply! Sorry to hear you too have had problems. Did you end up with a larger AC? We have had other issues with the place too. Right now we are fighting to get the house releveled. Half of one of the sides runs down hill to the middle. Sales center said nope we did it right. Factory said nope its unlevel. And here we sit at an angle on the toilet.

I am calling the sales center again today, being a bit more blunt. If they would just tell us the truth. Tell us do we need bigger? Do we need attic fan.

We live in the woods and get shade most of the day. Oh and it is 1650 sq', forgot to add that.


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Hi Rory,
My home was 6 yrs old when I bought it and moved it here onto a block and pier foundation on my property. It was in excellant shape,,except after it was moved the ac recharged etc it kept running all day. Had service out 3 times,,said it was too small and it was leaking coolant somewhere. Finally I just bought 3 window units as I have 2 housecats and I couldnt afford to come home to a 90 degree house. Same as you,,my home became unlevel very fast. From what I have read,,its not unusual for a dw to become unlevel in a yr after being set,,and depending on the ground its on etc it could be re-occuring. Again,,im a newbie too so hopefully others in the know will answer. If you want you can email me.

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Well we had an odd thing happen today. I called the sales center, manager on vacation. Whoever answered the phone said here is the # to the AC guy call him. Called and talked to his wife asked me bunch of questions does it do this is it frozen? OK husband will call for appointment.

Meanwhile knock at the door its the AC guy! He was looking for a house with a problem, NOT OURS! My wife told him wrong house right problem. So he took a look anyway. Found a main trunk laying on the ground under the house. Said he sees it alot. Screwed it back together correctly and was on his way.

Boy its cold in here!

We were on our way for window units this weekend too. He saved our buts from melting. Now to get it level......


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whats a main trunk?

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Double-wides with a single system usually have what is called a crossover duct...usually flex, that critters either chew a hole in or it comes off. I have a 1 ton GE Zoneline in my single wide that keeps things very tolerable even on a 100 degree day. Much better than any window unit I have tried.

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I have to say,,my window units are fantastic,,they are digital,,adjust down to 64 degrees without icing,,have energy saving shutoff etc. My doublewide doesnt have flex under it,,i guess thats about the only good thing I know about it.

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I am surprised you have a 2.5 ton ac, for 1660 sq ft home. What is the seer? Should have been at least a 4-ton-12 seer. Now days it has to be 13 seer. I have 1800 sq ft Clayton and have 5 ton -12 seer heat pump and never had any problems.

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