KelliJohnsonJune 27, 2011

Can someone help me with a backsplash?? like, how???LOL!! I want to make my kitchen look awesome and would like a backsplash..something tile in neutrals but I have not idea how to go about this and what I can use in my doublewide. I have a 2005 Clayton home

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I've heard tiling can be tricky in a MH due to the shifting, flexing walls & floors cracking the grout. Perhaps someone else will chime in with experience, though. Were you planning to install the tile yourself?

I'm painting cabinets & getting new countertops first (can't stand the purple anymore), but then I'm putting up painted beadboard as a backsplash.

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I am not against beadboard and I may go that route instead of tile...I am going to do the cabinets first and then the countertops as well. I am just going to paint my countertops i think

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I ran across a blog by a couple who were painting backsplashes to look like tile. They had lots of pics of ones they'd done. I don't remember what it was called though. I think I was doing a Google search when I saw it. I'll see if I can find it again.I've painted my countertops already, cabinets are on the to-do list.

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Somewhere I saw pictures of sheet laminate or vinyl tiles used as a backsplash, too. Depends on what look you like. I had planned to paint my kitchen countertops, but decided there were too many chips and separating seams to make it worth it. I might still try it in the bathroom, though.

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I think either a tile or a beadboard would be something I would like and could hubby is a skeptic though so I am going to need pictures and explanations how to make this work. LOL

I think this weekend I am going to get some gel stain to do the cabinets steps ;)

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LOL I know where you're coming from! My DH wouldn't admit any changes needed to happen to our place until after I painted the bathroom walls & cabinets, the living room/kitchen ceiling, and started in on the kitchen cabinets. He finally agreed to let me have someone texture the walls (there's a limit to how much DIY our marriage can handle ;), and now he's going along with the countertop and even suggested we should look into flooring. I think men may need to see actual progress rather than try to visualize it.

Good luck with the gel staining! I hope you'll share progress reports. :)

Here are a few links you might find useful for the backsplash. I know I've seen similar panels at Home Depot that look like square tiles, too.

Thrifty Decor Chick Installing Beadboard
The Nester installing Beadboard
This Old House How to Install a Solid-Surface Backsplash (aka Beadboard Panel)

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@Jessica!! gosh we must have married BROTHERS!!! I purchased the gel stain tonight have have intentions to start tomorrow night while he is at a tractor pull!! SHHHH...don't tell!!

thanks for the links!!

and Yes..I will keep updating the pictures as I make progress.

While at lowe's purchasing the gel stain, we talked about and looked at beadboard and backsplash ideas!!! YEAH!!!

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Kelli, were you able to start gel staining? How goes it?

I recalled a discussion on the kitchen forum a while back where chocolatebunny attached self-stick stainless steel tiles to create a more interesting backsplash.

I found a site with a big range of self-stick tiles that might be worth looking into. $20 for a box that covers 2 square feet, so it might depend on how big your backsplash is. Perhaps they're cheaper elsewhere. Or, what about those pressed-tin-look tiles or stainless subway tiles from Home Depot? No idea what those cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: Instant Wall Tiles

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Kelli I haven't run across the blog I mentioned yet, I did want to say there is a paintable wallpaper that looks like beadboard. I don't know how well it would hold up to cleaning. Also, at Lowes there is a plastic type sheet that looks like tin, comes in different designs & colors. I saw it in the cabinet section.

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I recently covered my backsplash with the vinyl peel and stick tiles. I did use Liquid Nails to help it hold better. I've had a couple pull up a little. In retrospect, I wish I'd just used beadbord or picked another tile. The stuff I used on my bathroom and laundry floor looks much more realistic and has faux grout lines. However, it was only available in 18x18 squares, and that wouldn't have worked very well on the backsplash.

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I recently redid my kitchen. I wanted a really simple backsplash. I bought 3 1/2 inch baseboard trim and cut it to fit, glued it on and painted it to match my countertops.Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

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I tried the gel stain and it did not work out well....just not big enough of a change :( I don't know...I am thinking about painting now LOL

As far as the backsplash I think I am going to go beadboard..the link posted above shows how to do it and we won't have to worry about flexing and what not

Any other great ideas i need to try?? :)

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I am new here too. I used white pegboard for backsplash in my kitchen, behind the stove. I painted over it with polyurethene so I could wipe it when soiled. I used the different types of pegboard hooks to hang my potholders, etc. It turned out OK - - gives the kitchen a country style look. My husband didn't want me to paint over the vinyl walls. He said it would bleed through and look worse. I will try to post some pictures.

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I purchased ceramic mosaic tiles to install on our bathroom wall, above the sinks. Turns out the man we hired to install them, refused to do it. He said the grout and/or tiles will eventually crack. So I returned the ceramic tiles and purchased Smart Tiles. They are peel and stick tiles, and look very nice. They withstand the moisture and can be cleaned.

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I have a 91 DW on a basement and we did a 1x1 mesh tile backsplash about 6 to 8 months ago and no problems so far.
Have tile in both the front and rear door foyers and no problems. I did the gel stain on my kitchen cabinets and new hardware and it really improved the look. But it depends on what you have to start with and what you use also. I was going for a cherry look and I like the result.

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