stains after washing and drying, Oil?

thomaskDecember 4, 2007

So we've got some stains that have been showing up on our laundry after we dry them. I checked previous posts but didn't find any conclusions to similar problems.

We're almost positive they are coming from the washer but don't know how to stop it or resolve it. The spots look like something is dripping from the top onto the clothes. We have not seen them on the clothes while they are wet but it is so random when it happens that it's hard to look for. It is an older washer but there are no leaks underneath and the supply hoses are less than 1 year old. The washer is a Speed Queen model AWM290W and the dryer is an old Kenmore Heavy Duty gas dryer model 77960100. We wash most of our clothes on cold.

After first discovering the problem I cleaned out the washer by pulling out the agitator, cleaning under it where it attaches to the basket and cleaned the basket with a tooth brush and scrub brush. I used dish detergent that could cut grease to clean it. But alas, after the deep cleaning, the stains keep coming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping not to replace the washer if we can help it as it is not in our budget. Thanks.

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What color are the stains?
Could they be rust stains?

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they are green/grey and smell a bit like oil or solvent. Most are small dots btw pencil lead size and eraser size. A few are bigger like a dime or penny. They are darker in the middle and lighten as they bleed out from the center. They don't apper to be rust stains.

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Had the same problem and ended up getting all new machines. I think it was oil, but not sure, and not sure which machine.

Someone else posted here about similar problems and received some good explanations. Not sure who but maybe someone who remembers will chime in - anyone...??

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i have the same problem, but don't think it is coming from the machine. they look like oil stains, i treat them, and if they come out, another appears in a different spot. any suggestions?

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Maybe it is built-up liquid softener? Try running a very hot load with 2 cups of vinegar.

I haven't had this problem since changing to Charlie's Soap detergent and not using any fabric softener (even dryer sheets) any more. It could be a coincidence, and may not solve your problem since I never noticed a smell like oil with my spots.

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It could also be undissolved laundry detergent. If you are washing in water colder than about 60-70 degrees then you may be experiencing undissolved detergent or fabric softener that becomes what looks like oil spots on your clothing.

Does it also happen in your hot loads? Try cutting your fabric softener dose in half and fill the rest up with vinegar to dilute, see if that makes a difference.

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I have a front load Ken/Frid that's about 8 years old and it has started to stain clothing items with a light brown streak and sometimes a bloch. It's doesn't come out with re-washing and I'm concerned that it will ruin all my clothing. Help!

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