should I return my new Kenmore washer and dryer?

joycelinDecember 28, 2012

On "Black Friday" I bought a new Kenmore Elite 41572 4.3 c.f.Front Load washer and a Kenmore 91272 7.1 c.f. dryer. While they do a great job on towels, sheets and shirts (I do small loads for the shirts) come out from the washer quite twisted around each other and they are "crinkled"--as if one squeezed them into a ball and then opened up leaving a pattern of honeycomb wrinkles. I've tried trial and error and have slowed spin speed, but it doesn't seem to change anything. Both sheets and shirts also come out wrinkled from the dryer, although by placing 2 dryer sheets in the dryer, the shirt wrinkles are lessened. Also, I think there's a little shrinkage...but I'm not sure it's coming from the washer or the dryer. What should I expect? I can return these by Jan. 24, but am not sure other machines will give better performance. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Kenmore Elite is now made by LG. Personally I don't like them much.

I don't hear many complaints with Electrolux so you could give them a try.

An equivalent to your LG washer would be the Electrolux IQ-Touch 4.3 cu.ft.
SearsItem# 02648422000 : Model# EIFLS60JIW

And the Electrolux IQ-Touch dryer has a HUGE drum at 8.0 cu.ft.
Electric Dryer:
SearsItem# 02688422000 : Model# EIMED60JIW

Gas Dryer:
SearsItem# 02698422000 : Model# EIMGD60JIW

Let us know how you make out.

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Get the Electrolux 60 series washer and dryer. Much better than the lg.

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kenmore BLOWS! Get Electrolux, Samsung, etc. Sears stuff used to be decent many years ago. Kenmore and even Maytag are garbage now.

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Kenmore has many appliance makers washers in its range. Most laundry machines are LG these days. Both the

- 41102
- 44132

are Electrolux ones, though. There is even a Whirlpool top loader somewhere.


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Thanks for the information. I'm going to look into the Electrolux 60 models. BTW, my dryer is a gas dryer and I opted to get less features on the dryer than on the washer (mostly no steam) and saved quite a bit of money that way. On the other hand, it wrinkles my clothing! I still think I don't need the steam on either appliance, but I do need large capacity and a few other bells and whistles (especially sanitize) so I'll probably wind up with way more features than I'll want to use. If anyone else has a high recommend for another front loading brand besides Electrolux, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks again!

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I hear the electrolux steam is useless (i have not tried it on mine yet). Electrolux offers the perfect tumble (it only kicks in towards the end of the cycle) to untangle clothing... if you check the recent elux thread i posted the spec comparison to see if 60 series has perfect tumble or not... perhaps ask your questions in that thread as many elux users will see it.

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I have Samsung's and I love them...No twisting, wrinkling or wadding up of any kind.....

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dbfirewife, What model Samsungs do you have, how long have you had them, and if you have steam (washer or dryer) do you use that feature? Thanks.

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