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fayedeJune 6, 2007

I have a saltillo tile floor in my manufactured home. I was assured by the dealer it would not be a problem to install this. It was fine at first, but now after several years the grout is cracking and drying out, leaving holes. What is causing this? The tile was laid over lineolium. I don't know if the grout can be repaired, or even if I do, it will just crack again. I am wondering if I should just have the tile removed and replaced with something else like Pergo or hardwood? It looks horrible and is driving me crazy! Please, any ideas? My home is a Santa Fe style and that is why we did the Saltillo. I also have it in the master bath and office... where it still looks fine. It is only bad in the entry area, kitchen and part of the living room (just around the edge). The majority of the living room is fine. But if I have to take it out, it will all have to go!

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I'm not a tile expert, but I won't let that stop me from offering an opinion!

Perhaps it's not the fault of the tile or grout. I've never seen tile installed over a non-absorbant material. Wood sub-flooring or even concrete gives a surface that tile, adhesive and grout can all cling to. I'm not sure that grout has a prayer of adhering to linoleum. Sounds to me like whoever installed the tile took a shortcut by not removing the linoleum.


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The floor is not strong enough to support the weight of tile. the deflecting due to the weight is causing the joints to flex and breaks the grout.
I would remove the tile and go with a lighter finish. Oh, don't trust the dealers, they will tell you anything you want to hear!

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