Question about aluminum wiring

ed57June 3, 2013

Does anyone know what year Bainbridge mobile homes switched from aluminum to copper wiring?

I'm thinking of buying a 1973, mainly because of nice location, but don't want to even take the time to look at it (its in another state) if its got the old aluminum wiring.


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According to the Mobile Home Doctor aluminum wiring was last used in mobile homes in 1971. So the 1973 model ought to have copper wiring.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mobile Home Doctor

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we tore all ours out and the paneling and insulation and up graded the electrical panel. It was worth the hard work and I feel much safer that my computer, TV and other appliances didn't burn out. Aluminum is a lower volt 15 apm compaire to 12/2 copper. I added outdoor lighting, fan in bathroom more GFi's. It was worth the hard work.

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