Do you think espresso cabinets would look good in a laundry room?

RenovationManiaDecember 5, 2011

Has anyone ever seen espresso cabinets used in a laundry room? We are remodelling our entire basement and are using the types of finishes that are often used in the upper levels of a home, such as engineered hardwood flooring in the family room and ivory travertine floors in the hall, bathroom, and laundry room. We have 7' ceilings that are finished (not a drop ceiling). At the end of the stairs, a 15' long, 4' wide hallway leads directly into the laundry room. Just before the laundry room, the hall turns left into the family room. So, the first thing seen when walking downstairs to the family room is the laundry room. Knowing my family, the door to the laundry room will be open most of the time, and I am okay with that because it will highlight the continuous run of travertine flooring and make the whole space feel more expansive. I have dark wood furniture in the family room and bathroom. In the laundry room, I am thinking of using espresso cabinets with modern stainless steel handles, a W/D in a stainless/silver/graphite finish, and a light grey/silver paint on the walls. My intention is to make the look and feel of the laundry room similar to the rest of the space. I would really appreciate anyone's thoughts on this color scheme.

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Yes i do! I actually have some design sense and wanted to be an interior designer. I installed new Espresso color thick carpet in my whole condo, i loved the color, sheen and the way it hid the stains. Lol im bad i know, but i had light color carpet before and it was a mess to keep clean, to the eye. Only problem was when i installed the Espresso color carpet was that my walls were bright white and i didnt like the contrast, the dark brown per say and the white walls, just looked odd to me and bugged me, Finally i gave in and put color on the walls! Reason i say all that is, if the walls are not white, go for it. Maybe re think the color of the walls as to me, the silver of the washer and silver of the walls might clash with one another, if just not the perfect, complementing shades. You could do a creamy rich, off white, like vanilla. What i did in picking the colors for my living room and bedrooms was, i went to home depot, i picked out all the colors that immediately caught my eye. Then i took home two or three of the same paint swatches home, taped them together, then taped them on the wall to be painted, in different areas, to see which color i like better. It was better for me than using one swatch of color and trying to decide on a big blank white wall. So i used three and taped them together and made the swatch 50 % bigger! Its up to you in the end and what you like. But i do think the espresso will work very well with the silver, or graphite appliances, just a little weary on silver walls.

I used the Berh paint and primer in one, used less coats and the color came out very nice! The green is, chinese jade and the yellow is, pyramid gold. I had to put into mind all the colors i already had, the carpet, my couch, coffee tables, dining table. This is also what i did, i fine tuned into what colors i wanted for the walls, then i took other swatches, for instance, i have white baseboards, so i got a white swatch, i have a orange couch, so i got an orange swatch, i have espresso carpet, so i got an espresso colored swatch, then i put them all next to the color of the wall swatch, to see how well they all mixed together! And to me, the colors couldnt have fallen into place any better. Also made my condo feel more like a house, more like me, more personlized! Imagine the walls in the photos before, white! What a big different a little color can do!

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Espresso is beautiful, no doubt about it. However, after having it in my home now for 8 weeks, I think it is impractical--it shows dust like nobody's business. In a laundry room, you will have plenty of dust & dirt. Water may also cause issues--we used espresso in our master bath & it's beauritful, but there are a couple spots that are slightly discolored due to water droplets that splashed out onto it that we didn't catch--think of DS or DD tossing a wet washcloth onto the counter & it hangs over the cabinetry dripping or they take a shirt out of the washer & forget to hang it to dry & it sits draped over the cabinetry for a few hours or days. Stained cabs will also be more expensive than using the painted MDF cabinets that are typically used in laundry rooms. Just my $0.02. Hope this helps!

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Thank you, fastonetime and mydreamhome. I really appreciate your responses. You have each given me feedback that I will really have to think about before proceeding with my plan.

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Ours aren't espresso exactly but they are dark brown/grey. They are the same custom cabinets as we have in our kitchen (although countertop is not granite like our kitchen). The floor tile in our laundry room is the same tiles that is in all of our bathrooms and entryway.

We've lived with them for 6 months now and I don't have any increased amount of dust or water spots.

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Nice wave touch you got there, how have they been? Does the washer vibrate alot during spin cycle? I was looking into purchasing the washer! I love that red color too! And the shiny floors! Also Renovation, i think it will look beautiful, and paint is paint, it can be changed. I started painting those two colors one day and finished the small details the next, was not as hard as i thought it was going to be!

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The Wave-Touch has been great so far. Had the washer for about 6 months, dryer for less as it came late due to getting the gas model. They are rock solid machines. My 5 year old and I sat in front of an entire cycle one day, got popcorn, turned on the LED light inside the washer and pretended we were watching a movie! LOL I was shocked when it got up to the full 1400 RPM that I could have easily had a wine glass on top and it would have survived without spilling it or breaking the glass. Nice and solid. I've got about 1/4" clearance on either side of the washer right now so I was worried that it was too close and would shimmy into the countertop or dryer, but it hasn't moved in 6 months. And this is on the main floor to boot.

I went with the red to bring some pizzazz to the room because that stage of the house was already painted before we bought so I didn't get to choose the colour. I would have changed the paint but choosing a funky coloured washer/dryer didn't cost me any extra time or money which we were short on both after we bought the house. :)

Love the colour of your carpet fastonetime!

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Thanks for your response silvercanadian. I am glad to hear that you have not had any trouble with dust or water spots on your dark cabinets. Your laundry room is gorgeous! Love the red machines - makes me think maybe I should go that route. Thanks for posting your pics.

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Espresso is beautiful-----but, a pain to dust!!!!!!! Keep in mind that a laundry room is 10 times distort than any other room! I have espresso in most of my home including the entire basement. If you have a secret for keeping dust down, please let me know:)

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Ooops---dustier not distort. It seems my ipad self corrected :)

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