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GeenasJune 3, 2012

I am a new member, and it seems the forum has been quiet as of late...I'm sure everyone is busy with the season and home projects like we are. My husband and I are in the process of updating our 6 year old 1100 sq. ft. home with better quality materials and more storage solutions as we near retirement age. We bought a home that had a flat roof line across the front, and we placed it on a cement block foundation. We have no basement, so it is an ongoing challenge to find creative ways to organize and create storage as we update things.

I've enjoyed the information already posted...and hope to share some of our projects, tips and ideas as we continue our update.


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Thanks for popping in, Geenas! I hope things will continue to revive around here again. Storage is definitely an issue. I've been contemplating putting bookcases (though a cupboard with doors would be even better) on the half wall dividing the living room from the kitchen, but I'm afraid it would limit the way the living room can be arranged. Generally, we just move things out to the garage or pare down our stuff. I look forward to seeing your improvements!

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Thanks for the welcome Jessica. I understand completely..our garage is overflowing also. We are purging as we go. We had a window-type opening between the living room and kitchen, and we covered it up when we drywalled the living room. We are working on 4 rooms at the same time..trying to keep working as we wait for materials to be ordered and delivered, carpet laid, etc. It's hectic, but we are making progress.

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Hey Geenas, it's good to see a new poster here. Any progress reports on your updates? Hope it is coming together for you.

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The bookcase post is from June and that person may not look here again. Bookcases filled with books add incredible amounts of concentrated weight. Mobile homes are not designed for that, especially on the outside walls.

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