Clayton e home

trailortrashJune 20, 2010

I am really impressed with the Clayton e home - but am also looking at the Clayton Blue Ridge Nantucket.

Any thoughts?

I've never lived in this small of home.

Would it be better to have the LR?DR open and together,

or it with the kit butted next to the LR with a bar?

Not sure!!

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WE are in a double wide so twice the space. We really like the living room open to the dinning room.

There is also a Smaller Homes board at GW . Check in over there there are lots of people living in small houses that can help you with some of these decisions.

Could not find the link to Nantucket Can you post it?


Here is a link that might be useful: Our floor plan

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Well, we are downsizing ALOT. I've never lived in a single wide, but will have a large 3 car garage that will be heated/cooled to have gatherings in.
I'm between 3:
1. E- house, plan A Kitchen - (you'd have to go to the e house website, basically it's got a L shaped kitchen in the front left corner, opens the LR, no bar.
2. E - house, Plan b Kitchen:
3. Clayton, Nantucket,

I'm sooo torn!
Can't wait to look at your pics!

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Really hard call looking at the plans I like the second one.

Every one lives differently in their houses so you need to choose the one that will work for you. We spent hours days looking and going back to experience the spaces. Then measure, graph it all out to see how my furniture would fit and so on. Was a huge process for me. I did the house and Hubby did all the foundation and shop and ground work. Well we had it done but he arranged it all so it happened in the right order. We only had 60 days from the time our house sold to be out of it and we did not dare break ground until we had the house money in our hands.

My Mom and Dad had a single wide years ago when they lived in MO. Kitchen was in front end open to the living room. Was a great kitchen but there was a bottle neck from kitchen to living room. We have a huge family so big gatherings then.

That is a great idea to have a gathering place in your shop/garage area. Many people here do the same. They even go as far to set up second stove. THEN you can have it be your canning kitchen if you do canning or processing meat. Really nice to not have to cut up deer and elk in your inside house kitchen.

We down sized from an 1850 SQ FT doublewide with an added on pantry and mud room to a 1200 SQ FT. Then we bought this place and it is 1300 SQ FT. We really need the space because one whole room is dedicated to my art projects when I have time to play. And it is only play I do not sell.

We lived in two houses that were small. One 800 SQ FT and one 900 and both were great. Still had way too much stuff in them but that is my nature. Trying really hard to lower my amounts of stuff.

The pictures to our house are all in the same album. Kitchen looks a little different than floor plan and measurements are a bit different. The third bedroom with out closet so not truly a bedroom is only 13 by 9 foot not 10' 10 by 13.

This is a perfect size house for us. I do not have use of DH shop. He built me a small storage loft and the rest is all his with firm orders for me to stay out. Hehehehe. We do not get much company here anyway. Too far away from family now.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of our house.

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Got to thinking I said the preferred plans wrong. I like the second link you posted for floor plans.Which would be #3


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