question on a double wide

casagrandeJune 17, 2014

I have a question. I hope it isn't a dumb one. if so, please forgive me. we bought a double wide 2 years ago here in nc. I won't say the name because I don't think it is relevant. the dining area is off the kitchen area all open. then there is an oversized doorway from this dining area into a family room with a fireplace. there is a wall between this dining area and the family room that I would like to remove. my question is: are there load bearing walls in these types of homes or is that only in stick builts with basements?

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Oh, there are definitely load bearing walls in manufactured homes. _Something_ has to support the roof! If this wall is the centerline of the home, where the two halves meet, it is definitely loadbearing. Otherwise it is unlikely to be loadbearing, but I would get an expert opinion before removing it.

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cahyyg........thanks for your input. no, it is not the half of the house. and I would definitely get a mfg home expert before I did anything......

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