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llmooreJune 23, 2012

can I replace the kitchen cabinets with standard ones, say from home depot or lowes. also looking to replace the exterior doors with prehung ones.

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I know folks who have replaced their cabinets, but beware that you may lose some floor space (my cabs and counters are narrower than standard; I painted the existing cabs and cut my new counters to a narrower depth). Weight is another consideration. I'd probably stay away from heavy uppers, and possibly consult a contractor experienced in MH remodels to be sure yours can handle the added weight, since some MHs are built better than others (but I'm pretty cautious in these matters).

Replacing your exterior doors is similar to replacing interior doors. The size will likely be a less common one, and you may run into differences in jamb depth. Measure, measure, measure, then check out your local building supply store or consult a handy-man/contractor. My contractor has experience in working on MHs and has been an invaluable source of advice.

DH wanted to replace our doors with a wider door (36'' instead of 30'') to make moving furniture easier, but he should have done it before getting the faux-stucco siding. At this stage, we've decided the repairs to the siding would make it more hassle than it's worth. However, increasing the size of your door may be worth looking into since you're replacing the doors anyway.

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LilFlowers MJLN

If you do go to Lowe's or a local building supply company, make sure you ask about their manufactured home section. I know that our Lowe's here in Louisiana has some manufactured home specified doors, windows, molding, and plumbing. Our local home improvement store has an aisle with manufactured/mobile home products only.

In our older model 1970's mobile home, we replaced the cabinets with regular type and found that they are also taller. If you have only 7 1/2' ceilings, it could pose a problem. If you have a newer model manufactured home, it will not that much of a problem since most newer models have regular exterior doors.

We also replaced ALL piping with regular PVC and CPVC piping which appx $30. It was a smaller trailer with only 1 bath.

I would also suggest to measure 3x if possible. We thought we measured right for our door but it was off by 2 inches in width. My husband put spray foam around it after he screwed it in with shims. It was a temporary solution since we were living there temporarily.

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We recently replaced the kitchen in our park model trailer. I emailed the manufacturer and they said there would be no problem. We bought our units from IKEA as we had used them before and love the quality for the money and the beautifully engineered construction. They are very easy to hang from metal rails. We love it.

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Good luck at the big box stores for those cabinets. I'd shop at an independent cabinet dealer who also sells counter tops and can maybe provide any and all with shallow depth cabinets and tops to better fit a trailer.

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I also replaced my kitchen cabinets with IKEA- the Stat White with wooden countertops. I had always thought that IKEA was poor quality, but when I researched cabinets I found that they are very highly rated, and they come with a 25 year warranty.

IKEA referred me to a contractor who does nothing but IKEA installations. For a small fee he took measurements, drew up all the plans based on what I wanted, and put the parts order list together. He even modified some of the upper cabinets to accomodate my mobile home's lower ceiling. I couldn't be happier!

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