mobile home ac condensation around vents

uugggggJune 29, 2014

hi i just took posession of a mobile home.i noticed some condensation around the ac vents. does anyone know why.its a one bedroom with a 4 ton unit.(over kill). thnks

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That is a lot of ac, but you are on a topic I have had many issues relating to my 2011 Oak Creek, 1300 sq ft, 3.5 ton w/ceiling vents in Texas.
Two things every mfg home should have; Zircon 63931 Leak Alert Electronic Water Detector and AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor, $10 at Amazon will help you know excessive humidity levels.
My fixes; First, double the size of return air intake. I added another 20x20 filter grate to back side of return air plenum, $50. Now I can use (2) quality air filters. Second; see picture that is a showing where fresh air supply is allowing âÂÂunfiltered and unconditionedâ air to contaminate the acâÂÂs fan, housing, and ducts. I originally adapted a shop vac filter and recently closed off this air supply due to the amount of mold, dirt, bugs, leaves, etc being sucked in. Third, stop air from bi-passing systems filters. Ac housing âÂÂseamsâ need to be sealed/taped, you will see a dust trail where air is entering.
Also make sure condensation drain and trap are installed and working, verify air ducts are not leaking, and no vents are being restricted.
Hope this helps; nothing like buying a new retirement home only to become a full time home handy man.

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