new pictures of 1990 Fairmont DW in Indiana

brnincalifJune 10, 2010

Here are some updated pics of home . Moved in exactly 2 months ago today!Click on link for pics.(havent figured out how to post pics directly into forum :( )

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Very nice job you did! Sometimes I think how much easier life would be if we didn't have to take care of a two-story cottage with a huge garden. Maybe at the next stage of our lives, we'll simplify things and look for something easier to keep up. A friend of ours has a double lot, and we're thinking it might be possible to put a DW on it. She could use the financial help, and we're hoping in a few years to get more info on the details.

Living in the city means codes sometimes really get in the way, so we're not sure whether it's possible. All of us have learned the hard way not to check the city codes until you're ready to actually initiate the permit process, because they're always subject to change, LOL.

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Thank you so much for the comments. I looked at your garden pictures. Beautiful! I hope to get outside and start working on that someday. Would love to live in a climate that is warm all year,but probably not going to happen.

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Loving how you are transforming your place. The basement stair wall was a great idea. Looks so much larger. Love your decorating style.

Jkom50 I can not imagine you leaving your lovely gardens. I know how much work they are. But your yard is so so pretty!!!!

I have tried to make this yard low maintenance. Some day I hope to manage that. Right now it is still a big work in progress.


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it is lovely! opening up the kitchen and the stairway to the basement made amazing differences.

you must be tall - stuff on your walls is hung high. on mine they are always very low - lol!

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and again :^) Beautiful home......

Here is a link that might be useful: live link

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Really nice job! I see you bought a HUD foreclosure, I recognize the sign-in sheet and the "winterized" sign over the sink. I tell everyone I know what a good deal those HUD houses can be!

You did a really good job, have you remodeled before? Will you come do my house? :)

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