Miele, Bosch or LG washer and ventless dryer?

beth1010December 3, 2013

Hi. We can install only high efficiency, front loading, stackable units with a ventless dryer. One store recommends LG, the other Bosch, the other Miele. Which do you recommend?
Thank you!

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Here is my recommendation in order of preference.

1) Bosch
2) Miele
3) LG


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Thank you. Can you tell me the reason for your order of preference?

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LG has the highest profit margin for the store. Compared to the European made units the Korean units are cheaply built.

I would go

1) Asko
2) Bosch
3) Miele

Because Asko has the highest temp wash at 205 degrees F and Miele the lowest at 155 degrees F.

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I picked the Bosch because of a slightly higher capacity.


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I've owned all 3: Asko, Bosch and Miele.

My order of preference for performance is:

If you need a slightly larger tub or cost is an issue

The high wash temperature on the Asko is a selling point but much less relevant when you get it home. Miele's 165F is sufficiently hot for super effective stain removal. Bosch's hot water isn't as hot as Miele or Asko.

For general laundry Bosch does a great job. If you are concerned with whites -- i.e. whitening old linens, stain removal then Miele and Asko have the long profile wash (cold prewash + super hot wash) for that.

Miele has the best woolens cycle by far and the most cycle options but comes with a learning curve.

I preferred the Bosch condenser dryer to both the Miele or Asko vented dryers.

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