wausau modular home- built pretty crappy

cheerpeopleJune 19, 2011

We have recently purchased a Wausau modular home that was built 13 years ago.

Since the house has so many problems I thought the rest of the world deserved knowing just how crappy these are built.

1. Roof was certainteed shingles- the ones in the class action lawsuit that fail to stay on- cost to me- full roof replacement with a 13 yr old home.

2. No access hole built to check into attic. OUr house has ghost framing issues- black frame area streaks on ceiling. The GC is not sure it was be resolved.

3. Wausau, at that time- 13 years ago, made all the homes with the housewrap inside the osb board. That's right- the OSB is unprotected. Which might not be a huge concern accept they also....did the following...

4. They put every window in wrong so the rain goes up against the OSB board and rots under the windows. The flashing was done wrong. We are having all siding removed, rot cut off the sides of the house. housewrap put on outside the OSB , and P200 insulation added. then the siding is getting put back on. Added unknown cost at time of purchase about $10,000. Why didn't we know when we paid $450 for a home inspection? Because home inspectors don't remove anything to check. They are not allowed.

I suggest you take a handiman if you look at buying one of these homes. Have him remove the siding under a window and check for black and green rotten OSB you can poke your finger thru!

5. The subfloor is rotten under the doors. Due to the glass doors getting put on with a board too long and improper flashing, we had to hire a crew to remove 18 inches of the floor there due to rot, the wood on the bottom of the doors is visibly damaged, and the wall under the doors in the basement, will need replacement due to rot. I can attach pics if you want.

6. The home was put together with gaps between the sections. The GC says as much as 1/2" gaps with no insulation. Also random holes cut into the OSB 6 inches across where there was no insulation or patch. The GC bought a case of spray foam to fill in - we wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the rotten walls.- Buyer beware.

7. No outside outlet- covered- but wires were found behind it to have a useable outlet if only they put a plug in on the wires! Thought I'd have to pay an electrician to get power on the deck. The GC found the wires were there just never made usable! Unbelievable!

8. Wausau must have little quality control. They allowed the home owner to do his own electric and plumbing. As a result, we are not up to code, and paying over a $1000 to get the electric right.

We only had the house 5 weeks. But I thought you should know what we have found out so far. Before buying this home I was under the impression that Wausau was a high end brand. That doesn't translate to high quality.

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Whoa...is this the same house you posted the pretty pictures of in the Paint forum? I could be cynical because I live in a small trailer that I'm currently trying to make not look like a trailer (they didn't even care if adhesive was streaked all over the walls)...but it seems to me that manufactured housing will always have quality control issues. It's the nature of how they're made; no personal ownership like a home built on site (though that industry has it's own problems). Having said that, however, I am sorry you're dealing with all this! Nasty surprise, I'm sure, and worse than the usual annoying issues. Thanks for sharing your experience so others can be warned.

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Pardon me if I'm doing this wrong- 1st post on the forum.
Wow- I feel your pain! Ours is a 13 year old Heart modular- with exactly the same issues you described... and then some! Problem is, the company went defunct, and we aren't the original owner- so no warranty transfer on our issues. Nice. I was told not to waste my time. That a company in class action would end up paying next to nothing after several years of fighting.

Before I rant, I would first like to solicit opinions from other owners. I wonder if spray foam insulation may solve a few of the issues you will see below?
Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well! I would prefer not to chemically bomb the home, or spend a great fortune, but we do need a healthy home that we can enjoy.

To be fair, a lot of the issue is the install.
Where the siding meets the foundation is a 2" gap that the critters love. The top of the siding meeting the roof is the same. Under the house, gaps that you can see daylight through.
These numerous gaps (top & bottom) have allowed us to play host to mice, bats, red, grey, & even black squirrels. I have tried every means of elimination. We can hear them scratch and thump in the ceiling, walls, & floors all hours of the day & night. This was going on with 3 cats killing them! I have fear they may chew wires & burn the house. I'm sure they have destroyed what little insulation there was.
We put plastic on all the windows & the wind still blows through. No window closes completely or can lock in place. None were installed properly.
There is frost on the inside of the walls.
I added a picture of the roof we replaced this past year. We crawled up to clean the leaves out of the gutters, turns out it was shingle grit filling them- not leaves.
It was unfortunate that our family did the work and didn't know enough to add step flashing -now we have leaks, too. We will be removing 3 sections this spring.
The roof has no crawlspace or access to insulate, so we have 6 foot icicles & 8" ice damns around the entire roof edge as well.
The plumbing has no access panels & no standard parts. It's all factory built. So there are no shut offs in emergency. To do any work, have to shut off the main then cut the pipe. Later, can replace properly with a shutoff and screw on.
There are many more issues... but I need to go make supper. Thank you for your patience with my rant. Please let me know if you have had similar experiences.

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Wow, my sympathy to you people!

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