Persil Detergent Confusion

clean_laundry_loverDecember 12, 2012


I have a question on the varieties of Persil laundry detergent. I know that Henkel makes many different formulations but I am concerned particularly with two: Persil Universal Powder and Persil Universal Megaperls (also a powder):

Now, the confusion surrounds amounts and value. If one considers that the Megaperls can do ~40 washes and the Powder can do ~80 (both using the largest boxes available of each (around 2.7 kg & ~6.4 kg, respectively)), a question of concentration and value comes to mind. The dealer I bought mine at said that the Megaperls was for front-load washers and the Powder was for top-load washers. But, nowhere on the Persil Store website does it mention HE vs. non-HE. Also, Megaperls is supposed to be more concentrated so you can therefore use less but the amounts one can do per box seems to differ. Then, when you consider the price per box (in my area it's only $14 more for the larger powder) something seems a little fishy.

I wanted to get some opinions on this. I bought the Megaperls and haven't tried it yet but, it seems like for only slightly more than double (1 kg more) I could save quite a bundle. I just assume I would have to dose slightly more (maybe around 1/4 more) per load.

The Persil Store has slightly different descriptions for both products (the Megaperls mentions Anti-Greying formula) but, when you actually look at the boxes of the products (you can enlarge them on their website) they both tout this feature.

I am really confused! Help please.

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It has recently been brought up on a German forum that bigger boxes (aka 'great value' offerns) frequently contain detergent that has more fillers in it and, sometimes, even less active ingredients. Case in point were P&G's German Ariel detergents that can either be bough as a high-end formula in a small and expensive bag or one can get a big box of cheaper and less effective detergent. One should think that the big box presents a value as you are buying in bulk but it's actually only cheaper because P&G chose to leave some enzymes etc. out of the big-box formula. Of course, you'll have to go online to find out about this. Anyway, it was said on that forum that Henkel was also guilty of selling cheapened powder in it's bigger boxes and that the Megaperls version is generally superiour to the powder.

Persil is always HE.


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Could you back this up with any facts? A link or two perhaps?

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If you are fluent in German, sure.

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Traditionally, Persil Universal Powder has always been the "regular" non-concentrated formula and Persil Universal Megaperls has been the concentrated product. Even if the Universal Powder is less concentrated, it all comes down to price per load. If you can find the Universal Powder at a good enough price where your cost per load is less than Universal Megaperls, then the choice is pretty clear.

I don't take a resellers recommendations on how many loads I can get - I rely on the manufacturer for that information. According to (translate via Google if needed), your dose for a normally soiled load in a 4-5 kg machine under medium hard water conditions is 135ml of Powder or 85ml of Megaperls. Megaperls are about 50% more concentrated than Powder.

That should be enough information to compare each product at a given size and price and determine which is the better deal on a cost-per-load basis.

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I have a box of the German Universal Powder that I use on sheets & towels. The scent is not as strong as the Sensitive MegaPerls and it works fine in my front-load washer.

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Thanks for the follow up responses. I've already opened the box so, I guess I'm using it on my whites & lights until it runs out, then I'll probably move on to the Powder.

I may try the Persil Colour for my darks. I'm trying to get away from liquids as I've read they don't clean as well as powders and I don't think Costco sells HE powders--we'll see. Any recommendations on colour-safe powder detergents (that I can get in Canada)? I don't think there is the same value proposition for the Persil Colour as they only sell the Megaperls 2.7 kg (~40 loads) where as I can get the Universal in a jumbo size that works out to be cheaper per load (~80 loads) which equals $0.97 vs. $0.66 per load, respectively.

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