It is hard to find senior mobile home parks

tropical_thoughtJune 19, 2014

When I check on Senior Mobile home parks most of have some kind of name and address listed, but no website. There are a few sites that list them, but they often have little of no details. There must be a reason for this. So, I am thinking around here in the Bay Area with the housing storage, they don't want any new people so they make themselves hidden and fail to make even up a simple webpage. I would have to go around to each on in person which is doable, but not very easy. The lot space rent is always my number one question. Then I can evaluate, if I would be interesting in looking into it. There are just a few that really go out and have a website and seem like they are open and welcome, so why are the others so unfriendly? I mean about one out of 100 has a website or less then that even.

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Why put up a website if the park is full? That's possibly the main reason there's no site.

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And in my experience, even when there is a website it won't tell you what the lot rent is. Calling and asking about vacancies and rent is the only way I know to get this info. And not all vacancies are equal, either. Hard to put a 28x56 on a 16x72 pad, or even a 28x44 pad.

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I think its too hard to move a mobile home also, the ones I have seen are more like fixed rooted down homes. The ones that can be moved are like double wides, but the cost of them I am seeing is low, compared to the moving of them which would be more then the cost of the home itself? Is that right? The ones that can be moved are like boxes with wheels. I also read they can crack during moving. This is sort of making it seem more desirable to just have an RV to begin with. The gas I assume is too expensive to go vacation, but if they did have to be moved in an emergency situation you would be ok. I heard a horror story on facebook. Someone was ordered to move it out and could not or did not do it in a timely fashion, and they park took revenge by vandalizing the home, throwing in garage and used motor oil. Or maybe her neighbors really did not like her?

I assume that eventually a vacancy will come in any park. I just think a low cost website is not a bad thing to have as it gives information that saves people from calling and bothering the office. They can get all of their questions answered without calling. They can have a few pictures. It would say if the place has a pool or not or a clubhouse or not. It could also say no vacancies if that was the case.

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My husbands family business is a mobile home park here on the east coast. There is no website. Largely in part because it is a small business, and many of the sales are word of mouth. The only time new homes come into the park is when my father in law buys an old home and removes and replaces it. This is 1-2 homes a year, some years none. The park is 150 lots, so not huge. It would not make sense for him to advertise, he doesn't need to. I would suggest calling the parks you are interested in.

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Talk to a real estate agent and ask about vacancies/units available. I would not expect a park to have a website.

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I have to disagree. I don't think a website is advertising. I think it is informative and helpful. It depends on the website. If you go to a website filled with pop up and playing videos you know that's a bad website and not a tasteful website. Look at this website I am showing you from Bow Lake and see how it should be done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example Website Bow Lake

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You should look in the local phone books really but I know of some mobile home parks and they don't advertise. It's cause more trouble for the residents and owner than it's worth.

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Are we as a society getting to a point where everybody must have a website??

People don't want to pick up a phone anymore and actually talk to one another.

Websites cost money. Then everybody gets their undies in a bunch because they aren't on page one of every search engine in the world. That's because people are even too lazy to go to page 3 on Google!

So they hire a SEO. That costs even more money!

Why do all this for a business that's not looking for customers? That's a classic waste of money.

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No, Christopherh, we already ARE a society where everybody must have a website. I agree that it costs money, but it is a necessary expense. For many people the website is the place to find the address and phone number of a business. Or at least a Facebook page or group!

I disagree that moving manufactured homes is hard. One big national manufactured home park corporation, Sun Communities, often offers to move your home for free if you move into one of their parks and sign a contract to stay for at least 2 years. You can't already be living in one of their parks, obviously. If the home has been installed on a permanent foundation it can't be moved, but that would be done on privately owned land, not in a manufactured home park.

The easiest way to get into any specific park is to purchase a home already located there.

Here is a link that might be useful: MHVillage website.

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My website only costs me 10 dollars a year. I made it for class I took as an assignment, but I don't have a business even.

The problem with MH Village, they constantly make me log in and then when I do they have very little or no info, that I could not find elsewhere. I mentioned these sort of sites that try to aggregate info on mobile homes, but they just don't have anything. If they did send someone to each place to do some research or something, maybe they could improve themselves. A lot of the info is about companies wanting to build you a mobile home. But, delivery is limited. I could buy a lot in Vermont right and have a home delivery to it, but they don't delivery to Vermont. They could delivery it to some place like Bakersfield CA. But, when you move an existing mobile home, I understand they can crack, which is also due to the age of the mobile home.

There are more reasons not to call. I am just looking and not ready to move and I don't want to bother anyone. Phone calls are intrusive unless I have made up my mind and am ready to move, then I would call. But, I made some calls I called a park in half moon bay. I got a voice mail with no personal message. No one likes to listen to voice mail and write down a number and return a call. I can't ask someone to do that. I called another one. I got a message which at least said the name of the park and asked me to leave a message. But, again I hate to bother people for no reason.

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You are right, the info on MH Village is limited. It can only offer the info provided by the park owner or manager. For example, the park where I live is listed as age-restricted on MH Village. The actual fact is that they had intended to set aside one area of the park for retirees and have the rest all ages, but it never happened. We live in the section intended to be for retirees, and there are children living acrosss the street. MH Village still thinks it is an age-restricted park.

What it does offer is a pretty comprehensive list of the manufactured home parks in your area, whether there are any vacancies, and any homes for sale in the park. And that is enough info to decide whether a phone call or visit is merited.

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MH is better then nothing. I guess I am just a tire kicker. Yelp also lists mobile home parks, but usually has only the address phone number and no reviews of them. So, one has to go visit them all.

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I have a website too, but it's for my crafts business. And I am proud to say that in 3 years we have received over 3,000 orders.

But here's an idea.

I went to MH Village and looked for a mobile home park in my county here in Vermont. I found the address, copied it, and went to Google maps. I pasted the address and went to the location. Then I hit street view. I was able to at least see the park from the road. Some were very nice, and some others, the best thing is a fire.

So at least you can see something. And if you like what you see, call them!

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I had thought of that. For example I looked up
Forest Avenue Mobile Home Park
20560 Forest Avenue Castro Valley, CA 94546
But nothing a can be seen from that.
I also used maps in the car to find:
Oakwood Lake Mobile Home Park
4399 Aplicella Court
Manteca, CA
and I ended up on a road to nowhere, then I came to Turtle Beach. I wanted to see the beach so drove up the hill and it was an RV park. I saw another mobile park that was mostly RV camping, but it had a different name. I decided that Oakwood Lake Mobile Home Park was probably torn down and replaced by an luxury complex.

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Sometimes the google maps thing really does work. I got great views of 402 Oynx in a park in palm springs called Parkview Mobile Estates. This is a house I really like, for years I wanted this house. The outside views from the map really show it off. But, it may be due to the natural and the angle, other times there are trees and stuff and you can't see a thing from the maps.

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I am in Fla visiting mom who has lived in this nice park for 37 plus years. New, used, and fixer mobile and manufactured homes available. Prices very very reasonable, people get to old. Rents also reasonable. Age restricted/55 and older. Quiet, safe, close enough to beach. Park Cities West in Davie Fla. I live in Dallas and have no business dealings.

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There are a lot of nice ones in Florida. In California is more difficult to find a nice one.

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In south Florida it's hard to find a mobile home community that is not 55+. One good place to find info is on Craigslist. If the person is selling a home call or email them and ask them how much the lot rent is.

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I found a facebook group called "vintage mobile homes for sale", and they post mobile homes from all over so that is one good way to find mobile home parks that have no websites. Its much better then MH village which only gives minimal or something no information.

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Go to craigslist for an area you would like to live in. Then under search for sale type in mobile homes and that redirects you to another place manufactured homes for sale, then click on gallery view. You can look at photos of different home and if you see one you like sometimes they tell you the name of the park or else you can inquire. For example in Florida there are a lot of new parks going up.

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