Combo Washer Dryer Questions

pderasDecember 29, 2010

I'm a kitchen and bath designer researching combo washer dryer units for a client with a small kitchen who wants to incorporate a washer and dryer.

Looking for anyone with any personal experience with a washer/dryer combo all-in one appliance.

How does it perform?

After some research I have learned that virtually ALL of these appliances are washer-condensing dryers WITHOUT a heating element.

That means they dry by running on ambient air temperature for about six (6) hours after the wash cycles complete.

I got this information from a kindly customer service guy at LG (thanks). He promised to take my request for a vented model to the "powers that be".

This will work fine for those people who want to load up the machine and head off to work, coming home to find their clothing done and ready to be put away (maybe a bit wrinkled from sitting for a while).

For those concerned about leaving a water-using appliance running while they are away, this is not workable, unless they wait until the wash cycle is done to leave.

For those who will be bothered by their washer dryer running for seven (7) hours while they are at home, this will also not work.

For those who understand the drawbacks to gain the space, it could work.

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I used a combo washer/dryer in London this was small, but did a great job....wondered why we don't hve more in the US...Even not using the dryer and hanging the wash, it was virtually dry when I took the wash out of the machine.

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Thank you!

If the only possible irritants are the time it takes, and the fact that clothes are almost dry, not totally dry, then I will buy this combination one day. I would like coming home to clothes that can be ironed while still humid, and or be brought out to dry fully indoors without creating a swamp atmosphere.

The rest of the world manages with it. My guess is that since it works well for markets that have about a 1,000,000,000 people (give or take) it will work here too.

In any case, I always trust my hoses and conduits, and leave the W or D running without supervision, already, without fear.

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I think the rep on the phone might have been a little drunk that day. 6 hours? Our LG WM3455HS takes 3.5 hours, start to finish, and I overload that sucker every time. If it took 6 hours I would throw it out the window. And they don't come out damp, wet, humid, etc. They are dry. They come out so hot I often drop them on the floor, especially if I touch a zipper by accident. Just like a normal dryer. We've used it for about 3 months now and have been completely satisfied with its performance.

I put up a more in-depth review on AJ Madison's website for this product, but overall, we have been pleased as could be and have saved a bundle of space by installing an all-in-one.

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