Sliding French Exterior Patio Doors

dzinergyrlMay 19, 2009

Hey there! Has anyone put sliding french doors in their DW. We have a 2 year old, 1600 ft. DW that we are currently overhauling. We live in the middle of nowhere and have an amazing view so I want to open up the front of the house as much as possible. My question is this... can I go to Lowe's and purchase the really nice Pella sliding french doors? My husband and I are arguing about this - he says no and I say I don't know because I haven't opened up the walls and looked yet. I do not want vinyl sliding doors and I'm willing to pay for the upgrade but as soon as I mention what I'm working on the guys at the home improvement store just kind of blow me off. We bought this home as a temporary home while we built our dream house then decided we really liked it and if we just remodeled what we already have my husband could go ahead and retire!!! We bought 266 acres with a trout stream running through it and decided it wasn't much of a compromise!

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I don't know if you can do that BUT - sounds like you're set with all that acreage! wow - lucky you. i'd do the same, fix it up and just retire! if it's just the 2 of you that should be enough space. I've found - as in mine - it's plenty solid and big enough for me.

yrs ago when looking at apts w/ my dd ( a new complex) I saw that the mfg homes I'd been in were just as nice (and better) than the new apts! right then I decided that's what I'd do, get a few acres for me and the dogs and put a mfg home on it.
and I'd have a better place than people pay rent on month after month. It's certainly better than some
of the houses I rented!

If there were already sliding/patio doors in that spot it'd probably be ok to do what you're wanting to do... but if it's a closed wall, I'd be asking a contractor/ builder. or call the company that made the home.

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Great idea! I'm going to call the manufacturer today.

We've been out on the property for a year and a half now and I swear we still have to pinch ourselves to make sure it's really ours! I know exactly what you mean about these manufactured homes being very nice. Like a lot of people, we had this idea of them being cheap and tacky and we only planned on being in it for the short run. After actually living this new, very rural lifestyle, we've discovered that it's perfect for us and we're excited about making the house our own.

We're documenting the whole process so we'll be able to post a video of the remodel when we're finished. There will be a lot of editing necessary because we keep cracking ourselves up!

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just measure it. if your ceilings are 8 foot and the door is 7 or 8 it will fit. we ahve a 2002DW and everything we put in ti comes form lowes or home depot-not the trialer store. i tell ppl i do not live in a trialer-im not a horse. we jsut replaced our front door and storm door with a nice one for 700 from lowes. my brother had to cut more at the top and about 6 inches on each side. but dont let ppl tell you that you live in a tralilor or mobile home and it cant be done!!

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you're right lilbit - they sure aren't 'mobile'. i sure couldn't hook it up to my car or even a big pu truck and haul it off! I don't drive around with it on the back of the car...

most people have to make some adjustments to put in a door in a stick built home. they sure do on the home shows. I'll need to replace my back door this next yr myself. I do have those metal 'screen' doors on front and back tho - and they lock so i'll be ok for a bit. those'll be nice because I'll be able to leave the regular door open and lock those things (during the day). but eventually I do want a regular door on the back, not one of those chinzy ones (like is on it now). the front door is fine.

I'm just going ahead with plans like to redo any other home. checking out HD and lowe's etc.

I need to remember to take lots of pics as we go along myself. will do that before he starts digging the dirt up ... then after that...then when they haul it here etc.

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Sliding doors in mobile homes are about 4 inches shorter than the standard size sliding door in regular homes. You can buy a door at Lowes but the installer would have to raise the header and that is quite a job.We can't use our door at the present time as one of the bottom rollers is broken. Mobile home replacement sliding doors locally are about $1,000. plus installation. You might be able to find a general contractor to install a regular size door for not much more.

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