commodore homes

anthony1959May 1, 2008

Does anybody want to rate the satisfaction and/or quality of commodore homes? Im not real happy with mine.

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I sold them in my dealership back about 15 years. I considered them a middle of the line type home. I could run through streaks where they were all pretty much perfect and then get a streak with all kinds of problems. From my experience the design was okay, it was sometimes poor workmanship at the factory.
What kind of problems have you had?

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cheap made. Particle board floors waving,,leaks around windows into walls etc. Very bad experience.

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I can tell you that the material that goes into MH's isn't much difference from company to company. Problems do come up, but things like leaking windows should be covered under the warranty. If you are under warranty and the dealer isn't helping, call the manufacturer.
If the problmes are coming up after the warranty period, how old is the home? Normally defects show up in the first year.
Is the home set on a concrete slab? If it's not, many problems develop from settling or from moving with frost and a different brand won't make much difference.

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1997 home,,on frostline piers and concrete block foundation

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