Bosch 300 Nexxt washer error E:13

beanwabrDecember 27, 2010

Or was it E:31?

Either way, I've had my machine for 2 years now, first time this has happened. I can't locate my owner manual at the moment. Will check online but wanted to ask here if anyone can help. It made an unusual beeping sound; I checked on it, the rinse light was lit but nothing is happening; there was still time remaining (30 minutes, maybe?). The only thing that works is to turn it to off so the door will open; things look fine inside; same thing happened when I tried to re-start the load. Waiting to see if it'll happen again. Any clue on what is going on and what to do about it? Thanks for help!

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OK, it just beeped again. I was wrong, it didn't show any time remaining, it was just the E:13 flashing. I did notice a light humming sound. My hubby took his shop vac and tried pushing/flushing the drain. I then set it to drain; then spin. Both times nothing happened other than that humming sound. I did smell something but don't know if it was the shop vac or the oven...hopefully it is not something burning on the washer. Hubby said to just let it rest a while and that he'd look at it later. I left the door open. I have a feeling this isn't going to be good.

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E:13 in in the troubleshooting part of your user manual. It's means you have a blocked pump. You need to access the pump. depending if you have a Nexxt model or a Vision model will depend on how to gain access. Without your model there is no way to tell you

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Thanks jakvis. Turns out my hubby was able to remedy the problem. Appreciate it!

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Dear beanwabr,

I'm having the exact same problem -- how did your hubby fix it?



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