Small Cabinets without Shelving :(

1JanetHMay 2, 2012

Hi, I'm new here but so for, everything I've read is so helpful. Sooo, I was wondering if anyone has any helpful ideas on lower kitchen cabinet storage in a 1987/88 Fleetwood. The cabinets are on both sides of the stove, well actually it's more like

cabinet - stove - 3 drawers - cabinet - fridge

the cabinets are maybe 1 foot wide x 3 foot tall & the depth of the stove.

Neither of them have shelving so when DH or I put anything in, it's like a kid's closet when you tell them to clean up....either hold the door closed or don't open it!

I hope someone has some ideas on how we can organize this clutter. We're in the process of doing one small project at a time as things are just so expensive & I'm a home hemo dialysis (kidney) patient. Thanks everyone!!

And yes, I did check the organizing forums as well as small house forums.....thanks!!

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Janet, I found this problem in my kitchen, too. We built shelves into some of our cabinets. Because they are of such flimsy material that you can't nail to it we first put wood boards the height where we wanted the shelf against the insides of the cabinet (they stand on the "floor" of the cabinet) and then put the shelf on top of those, fastening it to the boards we had already put in place.

There is one big cabinet that we left open and I store a lot of things there in stacked containers with lids that seal. I always keep things like flour, mixes, cornmeal, etc., in closed containers to keep out the moths and bugs anyway. I find it isn't too difficult to lift out a whole container to get what I need - much easier than getting up on a ladder and wooling around in the back of that big deep cabinet for loose items.

Several other cabinets got those wire "drawers" installed so that I can pull them out and see what's there all the way in the back. We even found a 3 level one of those that fit right into one of the cabinets that had no shelves.

One more solution was to use the double turntables that (I think) Rubbermaid makes. I use those to store spices in an upper cabinet so I can use the whole space and still find what I want in there. I also use those turntables inside my refrigerator for condiments, but that's another story.

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@lindakimy...thanks so much for responding. The ideas you gave are very helpful. I greatly appreciate them so much :) I'd never thought of using a turnabout in the fridge. Now that's a great idea too! I may "borrow" that as well. Thanks bunches!!

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