Did you know...

CEFreemanJanuary 28, 2014

that they make chocolate chip cookie dough in giant sized margarine tubs?

(I'm bored and procrastinating.)

Yes, they do. And you can eat it with a spoon. Every time you go near the fridge, it'll call out to you.

"It is the devil's work," she said, eyeing the extra 9 pounds she's put on this month.

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Oh, says little miss yoga? Maybe half a pound, tops, I'm guessing!!

(Says she crunching on Fritos left over from the weekend chili bar. I look to 5:30 am boot camp to help with these bad habits :). )

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I'm wearing that cookie dough as a muffin top over my jeans. Cookie top?

I'm a pig.

and there's about 1/4 a tub left.
I hear it in there....

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Uh, not sure that this isn't really cruel, but I had to ask, "Did you know...(see link below)"?. Sure scared my DD away from dough.

Here is a link that might be useful: raw cookie dough and teenage girls

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You can keep the tubs in the freezer, it says you can even refreeze it! Doesn't that kill the pathogens in the flour? That's my story and I'm sticking to it like the cookie dough sticks to my thighs.

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OMG...you mean you're supposed to bake the dough before eating it??? Uh oh...

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Nosoccermom, I grew up before they invented herpes, aids, and germs. Thank God!

bpathhome, why in the world would you freeze your dough! Unless you're doing it in nice, single bit balls of goodness....

and mgoblue85 (I grew up in Mason) what makes you think you're supposed to bake it? It's far more energy efficient to eat it in it's pure and natural form: out of the bucket.

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Hmm. Did you know that you can make cookie dough and freeze it in cookie size lumps so that you can eat them one by one while the kids are at school. . . . Wait, wait, I mean bake them right before you have company so you have fresh warm cookies to serve. Right, right, that's what I meant.

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You freeze it so you don't eat it all at once, the you can forget about it for a few weeks, then have some more! No really, I bake a dozen (eat a spoonful or two...or three...)' send them in lunch boxes and snacks, then a week later make some more. The kids don't like having the same thing every day, even chocolate chip cookies. They didn't get that trait from me!

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bpathome, there is no forgetting about it for a few weeks. It calls me in my sleep.

I just don't get this baking thing. Why!? It's expeditious to have a lump of cookie dough and get 4 cookies out of the way at once. Speed-eating.

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You freeze it so that you can't hear it calling you from deep inside your freezer!

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My daughter and I used to make batches of cookie dough and not bake it. Just keep it in the fridge to nibble on. It's gone in no time.

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Because I like you guys so much, here's a safer and not at all more addicting alternative. No baking needed.

They are called Oreo truffles.
1) Buy a family size pack of Oreos (I think it's about 48 cookies)
2) put 36 in a ziplock baggie and crush
3) put 6 in a small Baggie and crush for topping
4) eat remaining few cookies, not worth saving
5) mix with 8 oz cream cheese and roll into 1 in balls
6) coat in melted chocolate chips, sprinkle with crumbs

They are not hard to make, and they are completely safe to eat without cooking. I made some last week and intended to share with my friend Matt, but I got delayed and they didn't make it to his appartment. Good thing I didn't promise him any ahead of time...

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That is the most evil recipe I have ever seen....


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Oh dear I rather wish I hadn't seen that miraculous recipe for Oreo truffles :) My mind (on its own with no help from me) just jumped right ahead into the idea of using those peanut butter Oreos and adding some peanut butter to the cream cheese, roll in chopped peanuts... Good thing I have no running water, sinks, or food processors out since kitchenware is packed away during reno.

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smiling, it'll haunt you. You'll find a way...

Sounds like a delicious recipe, but it involves work.

See, there's this tub of cookie dough you can just buy and the only work is taking off the top.

Linelle, I see you understand and you're raising your daughter properly. inoculate her early and perhaps she grow to can resist the sirens' call.

I told myself all night that I was going to feed the rest to the dog. In addition to this horrible addiction, I must now have an alien in my brain telling me to do horrible things. Like getting the dog addicted. She's bad enough, claiming I never feed her.

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Christine, did you know that Costco sells it in G-I-A-N-T tubs?

(sidenote, haven't seen your "around" lately. Although I only pop in here every now and then. Here I am waving to you)

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cefreeman-you can eat just about anything with a spoon and I have been known to eat FROZEN cookie dough as well. Sometimes you just can't wait for the thaw, lol!

Count me in for raw cookie dough better than baked. Unless of course you eat one fresh out of the oven with ice cream on top, blush. We are on our 5th snow day and I am fresh out of cookies! Time to get my bake on.

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Hilarious! Thanks for the smiles! Can't eat wheat, or dairy here... So rice krispies one bowl at a time out of the microwave as a treat for me.
Not nearly as good as things with chocolate :(


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This is just too funny and now has me wondering if I need to cover my windows better.

Over the weekend I made a double batch of chocolate chip heath cookie dough. I didn't feel like baking the entire mother load, so I put half in the fridge. And yep, just as you said, it calls me, every time I'm in the kitchen. My kids keep wondering why the spoons are all dirty!

So last night I made a single cookie sheet of about 12, with about 3-4 uncooked scoops reserved for my mouth! It got me thinking I should freeze it. I have to say, eating it uncooked by the spoonful is much more efficient than trying to scoop it on to a cookie sheet. One single (or many) dirty spoons...instead of a dirty cookie scoop and cookie sheet, then the cooling rack and spatula.

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Beekeeper's Wife, aren't you one hot mama!?! I wanna be YOU! :)

I don't come around much because I was getting impatient. That's never a good thing. Luckily, this week being snowed in and on call at work, I was stupid wise enough to pick up some of this cookie dough. I think it's made me a much nicer person.

Fivefootzero, you GET it! Heathbar, huh? Hmmmm.

And as far as taunting me with Costco? I don't have a membership. But I do have BJ's, which means they must, too! They can't let one outdo the other. ooooo. [evil handwashing motions] I've gotta think about this.

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OK, I should NOT support this, but here goes, courtesy of my DD, who "invented" this as a teen. It was a hit with her friends:
1. Get the giant chocolate chip frozen cookie dough pots at Costco.
2. Straight from the freezer, put large-bite size balls on cookie sheet.
3. In the meantime, preheat oven on BROIL.
4. Briefly broil on top rack, just long enough to get a dark outside crust.
Make sure, insides stay raw. That's important!

Supposedly, it's divine. I wouldn't know.

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â¦diet? I'll worry about that tomorrow..

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OMG. Crunchy and warm on the outside, dough in the middle!? That's every red-blooded American's dream.

Gr8day, I've been accused of being a Pollyanna, but I'm also a secret Scarlett. I compartmentalize better than kitchen drawer dividers. (Notice how I brought that around..) I'm truly up 9 pounds from being on call all month and eating everything in my freezer. Who wants to leave the house when 1) you don't have to, 2) there's frozen food I've made in the freezer, and 3) there's wine?

I figure I'll defeat the devil and finish this tub off by tomorrow night or the next morning. (Yeah right. Like it's gonna last.) Then, 1 February when I'm not on call anymore, getting back into my routine I'll amputate these extra, temporary pounds. Always the optimist. The tub will be a fond, horrifying memory. But one of triumph. How I beat the devil. I ate him.

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Just to give yet another alternative (yes, unfortunately that requires a little bit of work)

ReeseâÂÂs Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dip

Yield: serves 10-12

A decadent dip filled with chocolate chips and Reese's PB cups.


1/2 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
8 oz cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup semi sweet mini chocolate chips
8oz pkg Reese's peanut butter cup Minis (or about 1 1/2 cup chopped Reeses cups)


In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt butter. Whisk in the sugar and heat until sugar dissolves (about one minute). Remove from heat immediately add vanilla and allow to cool to room temperature (very important).
In a large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese with powdered sugar and peanut butter until creamy (about 3-4 minutes, don't skimp on the beating time). On low, add in brown sugar mixture (that has cooled to room temperature). Mix until combined. Fold in mini chocolate chips and mini Reese's cups. Serve immediately or store in refrigerator until ready to serve. Enjoy with pretzels, animal cracker and graham sticks.

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Frozen chocolate is the best. I heard once you should freeze chocolate chips so you would not be tempted to eat them. Well, I found out they taste so much better frozen solid!

I recently froze some ready to bake choc. chip cookies. DD then told me I needed to make more frozen cookies because she ate them all!

To those who think burying things in your freezer will make you forget about them is delusional and needs a cookie immediately.

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They need cookie dough. Cookie dough.

This is like a Reese's cup thing. If you don't die for them, I find you suspect.

Or perhaps just trying to distract me from the Devil's work.

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Christine, my daughter's now 37 and carrying on the proud tradition.

The other day I actually baked some chocolate chip cookies. There were so many and I didn't want to eat them all, so I froze them. However, that wasn't enough to silence their siren call. I took a couple out, fully planning to thaw them first. But I nibbled and discovered that FROZEN choc chip cookies are a wonderful thing, rivaling warm ones. Who knew?!!! I couldn't stop myself, and now they're all gone.

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You guys are sick....lol


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I'll stick to the Cookie Dough Vodka! ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cookie Dough Vodka

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debrak-I tried that with baked cookies and alas we like them frozen too (brownies also I might add). :)

Those oreos sound so good! Too bad I don't have any on hand and we are 'snowed' in.

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Frozen brownies are the best! Also, frozen fudge. I don't even like cold food, but it's the way the fudginess is solidified, mmmmmmm.

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I quit baking chocolate chip cookies, when the nieces/nephews are not around (too tempting). I didn't know you could buy pre-made dough by the tub...but I live out in the middle of nowhere! LOL

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My wonderful hubby dips pretzels in melted almond bark for the holidays. I love them.

Last year he did it with Oreos. Double Stuff Oreos dipped in almond bark. They are so sweet, it's hard to eat the whole thing, but I force myself, so's not to hurt DH's feelings.

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Holly- Kay

You all are hilarious!

CE you really should write for a living. You rival the late Erma Bombeck. Let me know if you ever decide to write and I will be first in line.

Bee, you bear a striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.... just saying.

Ann, Chiefy, and Williamsem you all are aiders and abettors. Shame on you! Everyone will be very upset with you come bathing suit season.

When DD was a teen she would get cookie dough ice cream and eat all of the cookie dough out of it. I learned quickly to not eat ice cream if she had been eating it first.

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linelle-ITA, it is something about chocolate baked/softened and then firmed up again. I dunno but I LOVE it. My new fav (raw, freshly baked and frozen) is a sugar cookie dough with both m&m's and chocolate chunks in it. Yu-um.

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Finally, somebody who understands my style of cooking.

Pull off lid. Eat with spoon.

That's my kind of recipe. I feel so at home in this thread.

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This is what calls out to me...

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I'm ashamed to say I'm working my way through a tub of frozen Cool Whip, one (or two) spoonfuls at a time. And I don't even like the stuff on things at room temperature. It's the way the freezing makes it all chewy.

My gateway drug of eating-it-raw is pie dough. I learned to make pies when I was maybe 5 or 6. I've been eating raw pie dough ever since.

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The truth comes out.
We all have our thing, don't we?
Pie dough = brown sugar and cinnamon on it, rolled up and eaten. OMG.

All those sweet things are killing me.
I'll make myself feel better by [wait for it]
Going to get another chunk out of the fridge. I cannot wait until this is gone.
But, I will be sad.

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I tell everyone if I get salmonella from eating raw cooking dough, it will be a fair price to pay for years of enjoyment.

I don't even really like cookies. Dough? That's where it's at.

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romy718, that is some hard core stuff in your freezer drawer. I assume you must have a drawer filled with maybe vegetables???

linelle, I have never heard of eating frozen coolwhip. I would like to try it but only if it is chocolate which is hard to find.

Ok, I'm going to make right now make brownies from ghirardelli cocoa that I just came home with. Double the cost of hershey so I hope its worth it.

Just for balance I'm going to also make a gingered apple upside down cake. Just to get some fruit in my diet ; )

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You know, I do nothing. And one must die of something.

I don't drink much.
I don't do any drugs and never have.
I've never smoked anything.
I don't eat fast food, junk food, or snacks.
I don't drink pop.
I think I remember liking sex, but that's a blurry memory so I'm not sure about that.
I mean, I do nothing. Yes, I need a life. Hobby? I got it. Have you heard me talk about my house? Life? No. What do I do, you ask?

I eat steak on Friday, have one glass of wine and go home.
I eat cookie dough. And when I have a few $$, Sushi.
If that's gonna kill me, at least I'll die happy and full.

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debra, since the Cool Whip at my store is found in the freezer section, I didn't have to think it up. :p But couldn't you take some regular flavor, stir in, oh say, Hershey's syrup, and then freeze it? You're thinking about it, am I right?

Speaking of Ghirardelli. All those years I thought it didn't really matter what chocolate chips I used. Now it's only Ghirardelli for me, both cooked and raw.

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This thread is too funny......I think the next time I hit the grocery store Im skipping the ice cream isle and heading for the giant tubs of cookie dough!

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I am soooo hungry now. My stomach actually gurgled. Yep, there it goes again. I'm off to the kitchen. Surely there are the ingredients in there to make SOMETHING good.

holly-kay, I get that a lot. Here I am getting ready to go bake something. That is NOT a comb in my hand, it's a spatula...

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You are all evil temptresses. All of you. For shame.

I NEVER eat that kind of stuff. Never. Never. Never. (You believe me, right?)

Now, where's that stalk of celery to munch on? Oh, hey, lookie there, it's just behind the cookie dough tub.

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I've been giggling like a crazy person through this entire thread!

I've also clipped a few of those evil posts. Good God, cookie dough dip!

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ah whatever - I've gotten a gut ache on several occasions after eating raw dough but it has yet to stop me. Sad I know but it's THAT good.

For anyone who likes a chocolate decadent easy cake-like brownie:

1 box chocolate or devils food cake (I prefer duncan hines chocolate fudge) mix
1 small box cook and serve chocolate pudding prepared with at least 2% milk (don't cheat it does make a difference in thickening) and fully cooled
1 12 oz. bag semi-sweet chocolate chips (or whatever you have left after you've eaten a few while preparing it)

Mix dry cake mix, prepared pudding and chocolate chips thoroughly. Grease and flour 9x13. Spread in pan - it's super thick just do your best.
Bake at 350 for 50-55 minutes. You can insert a toothpick and tell enough if it's done even though you are bound to hit a chocolate chip. :)

Done. Awesome fresh, frozen, heated with ice cream on top. No eggs so eat as much as you want raw it won't make ya sick.

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You're all welcome.


Romy718, I just looked at your freezer again. I must noticed the token Weight Watchers dessert crammed in there upside down. You are NOt fooling anyone. I swear.

I'm going in now to grab another hunk.

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I missed oldbat's post - that's right yoga. I think your 'om' is really 'yummmm' as you find your inner peace with cookie dough and reese's pb cups....

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Jenny- you my friend can still eat chocolate chip or raisin oatmeal cookies. I've subbed a mix of almond and oat flour (play around for the texture you like) for the wheat flour in ts recipe. I've also cut the sugar back by 1/4 and added in vegan chocolate chips before.

This recipe is from vega yu yum who stole it from ISA Chandra of ppk and vegan cookies invade the cookie jar (great dairy free cookie book. the PB chocolate pillows are amazing)

Giant Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies

1 Cup vegan margarine, softened
1 Cup Brown Sugar, packed
3/4 Cup Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
Egg replacer for 2 eggs
1 1/4 Cups Flour
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
3 Cups Oats (rolled)
1 1/2 Cups Raisins
1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 350ÃÂðF.

In a large mixing bowl, beat margarine, brown sugar, sugar, and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add egg replacer eggs and beat until well blended. In another bowl, combine flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt. Gradually add to margarine mixture until well blended. Stir in oats, raisins, and nuts (if using). On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (or a nonstick cookie sheet) drop the dough by 1/4 cupfuls and pat down slightly. Bake for 15-17 minutes or until edges begin to brown. Let stand for 3 minutes before removing from baking sheet.

Makes 2 dozen giant cookies

For smaller cookies, drop the dough by tablespoons onto the baking sheet. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until edges begin to brown. Makes 5 dozen.

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I had a cortisone shot in my shoulder this morning (ouch!), so I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. When I'm feeling sorry for myself, nothing beats Haagen Dazs Bourbon Pecan Praline.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Don't any of you eat the cream cheese right out of the package? THAT'S why the oreo recipe won't work here. Yes, with a spoon if there's one handy. Fingers work, too, if you cube it first. You can fancy the cubes up if you stab them with a toothpick. I graduated to spare tire again this winter.

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Holly- Kay

Ohhhh darn it Ann I adore Haagen Dazs ice cream but have never tried the Bourbon Pecan Praline. I will admit that ice cream is my guilty pleasure.........that Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz is calling my name. Coffee ice cream with espresso bean fudge chunks, yum!

Romy that is what I call my kind of freezer!

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Ice Cream. I absolutely love coffee ice cream. Mocha, French Vanilla and yes, Cookie Dough. But ohhhhh....

If you make a white Russian, which is vodka + Kahlua + cream, but instead of cream use ice cream? Oh, oh oh.
You can do it as a hummer, too. Rum + Kahlua + ice cream. :)

I am SO glad I don't have any ice cream.

Cream cheese, huh? I forget that I actually like that plain. It's so fresh. I have a Reese's cookie mix I've never made. It calls for cream cheese. I wonder if I can make it and eat the batter....

I just finished the Devil's work: my tub of dough. Nectar of the Gods, I swear. But oh, do I feel crappy with all this extra weight. Tires are never a desired accessory.

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Hey I heart! Thanks so much for thinking of me. I am just starting to play with flours but I don't go near chocolate, we just don't go together well anymore (believe me we used to be inseparable). Looks like a great recipe, gonna have to try it.

Girl Scout cookies... The ones that have the carmel and chocolate in a circle ... Frozen they become amazing ... Mom used to think she had one on us kids when she would freeze the extra boxes, but they were better frozen and easier to hide the evidence. (Previous diet)

And my DH keeps looking over as I read this thread asking "what", and wanting to get in on what is making me laugh. But he wouldn't get it!! A meat and potatoes guy wouldn't get the astonishingly good frozen chocolate tastebud madness!


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Thanx for the entertaining thread Christine.

Did anyone else notice the typo in chiefy76's Reese's recipe?

Yield serves 10-12????

No way. Not here.

Yield: serves 1

hehehe :)

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Haha, sad thing is that another freezer drawer has a couple more varieties of ice cream. We're still not fully functioning (cooking) in the kitchen. I won't be able to buy groceries until we eat all the ice cream.
I just looked in my basement freezer. I have 5 lbs. of cookie dough (bought from neighborhood kid) that's about a year old. Is it still good?

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Romy, it's bad.
You tell me where you are and I'll come get it out of your house.

Ok, I guess I'll just say that there's no way I'd throw it away if it was frozen!

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Hey Fivefootzero - care to share the heath cookie recipe. I LOVE all things heath - yummy.

I think the first thing I make in my new kitchen will be cookie dough...or pie crust - love that too, lightly browned. That, and carrot cake - my all time favorite - and since it has carrots, it's pretty healthy not to be confused with heathy, right???

I should be in bed - gotta get up early to go to the gym. I think I've gained 5 lbs just thinking about this!!!

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now I'm hungry

and i'v learned of a new HD ice cream. I'm the ice cream culprit, eating the cookie dough, the waves of fudge, the heath bar bits, whatever.

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First thing to come out of new kitchen. Sometimes cookie dough actually makes it to the oven. Quality control specialist making his rounds.

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Eegads, I eat 100 calorie Oreo's and Weight Watchers raspberry/dark chocolate ice cream bars and feel guilty. Of course, this is only to compensate for when it gets cold out and I HAVE to bake something. I've learned to bake only one pan of cookies, which makes 10 for me and 2 for my husband - as it should be 'cause I did all the work. I freeze the rest of the dough so my husband doesn't eat it.

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I freeze the rest of the dough so my husband doesn't eat it.

Frozen dough truffles! Just sayin'.

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This thread has been a real mood booster. Thanks a bunch for starting it, CE! I love love love your writing-- such wit with great perspective on life.

I wish I could devour chocolate chip cookie dough but chocolate does not like me. It tastes so delectable but the sore throat/ sinus trouble it causes is not worth the temporary pleasure. Enjoy some me!

Now pie crust.....strips with cinnamon sugar ...mmmmmmm...comfort food from childhood days! :)

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tea4, I love those! My Mom would make a double pie crust, then make one pie, so we had plenty left for "pie crust goodies".

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linelle-I like your QC specialist. My QC specialists are 8 and 11 and they always have to have a couple right away to make sure they are edible for everyone else, and then there is the furry one that stands guard hoping for crumbs. ;)

tea4all-nooooooooo. That is really sad. :( Snickerdoodle cookies - can you do those? They are really tasty and so soft and chewy too and no chocolate. When you said pie crust and cinnamon my mind when immediately there! I actually just finished a piece of cinnamon toast for a snack.

edit: hasty typing - spelling errors. Oops!

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Holly- Kay

Oh my snickedoodles also nectar of the gods!

I was ROFL last night reading this and tried to explain to DH just why I was in hysterics. He just shook his head with pity like I was indeed one step closer to insanity. Pffft on him he wouldn't understand our humor if it bit him in the butt!

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"Don't any of you eat the cream cheese right out of the package?"

you bet - I made a cheese ball the other night - and left about 1/4 of the brick in the tin foil wrap - for another time. and I licked the knife!

btw, check out Pioneer Woman's 'cooking' recipe from about a day ago. Multiple chocolate brownies... just click on the 'previous' post.

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ah - the PW recipe hasn't been updated yet!

Here is a link that might be useful: PW brownies

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Autumn, of course they need to be sampled before serving to anyone else. I mean, they need to be edible, right? My cats sit on the counter stools way more than any humans do.

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yes Linelle yes! I sample while in dough form to be sure the mixture is right and they sample in cooked form to make sure the baking is right. A perfect perch and perfect height for them to watch you.

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I admire the selflessness I read here on this thread. You are women of stature, brave heart and sacrifice.Sisters of All Things Good. I'm proud to know 'ya.

Notice, speaking of women, there aren't any men participating on this thread? I think JennyBC & Holly Kay said it best when they said their DHs don't get it.

Linelle, I absolutely love that Quality Control Kitty. I have a Pinterest board of funny cat/animal things (not just cute ones - that's nice but boring). I'd like to pin that little picture. You mind? His hopeful little face peering over the counter. Couldn't be funnier or sweeter!

Evidently I can't link to that board alone, but the link to my boards is below, with the kitty book in the 2nd row. You kitty ladies out there might laugh out loud at a lot of my pins, particularly if you think my whining and moaning about The Devil's Work is so darned funny. (You haven't seen the religious symbols of all sorts I've written all over my fridge, have you?). I'm not digressing, but I go back and read them and laugh out loud!

Kompy, I cannot believe I missed cookie dough vodka. I looooove my vodka (but sadly, it hates me). I love Van Gough's Triple Espresso Vodka. It can be sipped (or slammed) and it's a bit sweet. Nummy.

And those oatmeal cookies! I don't know how I missed that. Those would be my next favorite thing in the world. Well, maybe 3rd. There's Steak, then Cookie Dough, then, OK! Ice cream, thEN oatmeal cookies. Perhaps I should just lump them all together -- and EAT THEM?!?

So... My tub is gone. I mourn it. Sadly, I'm also out of food, freezer and all. Comes from being home all month. Another story. However, what bodes badly is that I must go to the grocery store to prepare some vat-o-something to live off of. I'm thinking that sugar cookie mix might just be the ticket. I do love those, too. And molasses cookies. Ok. Cookies. nom nom nom

Right now I'm drinking wine and stripping cabinets. About to start back on the kitchen, since I've almost finished with the MBR. Oh, it's so hard to be me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christin's Hilarious Pinterest Boards

This post was edited by CEFreeman on Thu, Jan 30, 14 at 19:39

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

SO very glad there wasn't a recipe for the cream cheese bars on the Prairie Woman's blog. And the ice cream pie. And something else. I CAN NOT EAT MORE OF THAT STUFF until May. All my jeans are the same size, brand and style. If I outgrow one pair, I've outgrown them all. I'm already laying on the bed with my butt higher than my shoulders to get them buttoned. I have to wear them half a day to get them zipped.

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Put 'em on wet.
Uncomfortable, but at least you can zip 'em and you don't forget and answer the door or go to the grocery store looking like an escapee from Wal-Mart with your pants falling down around your knees.

Come to think of it, check out my Wal-Mart board. You just don't want that to be you!

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If you read my other thread you may know I just got invisalign. Unfortunately because they are new, my mouth is sore and it hurts to chew some foods. I just came home today with fresh bags of ghirardelli choc. chips. They hurt to much to chew so I opened a fresh tub of vanilla ice cream and added a lot of hershey syrup. Made my teeth feel much better. Of course I flossed and brushed afterward before putting the aligners back in.

So Ice cream is always the answer ; )

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Christine, Zephyr has signed a release allowing you to use his likeness. In return he would like your photo to paste on his "cool humans" Pinterest board. In truth, my Facebook page is chockablock with photos of him and his sister.

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Nothing's fair without a trade.

Now, I just took this. 3 days without a shower, (or combing my hair, which I put up on my head with a 3" nail) painting all day, and when I work I frown. So what you're getting is me, blind as a bat, with a poor woman's botox on her face.
I actually clean up pretty well, but hey. What's an Ugly among friends?

All for the sake of the Quality Control Kitty.
(Oh, God, this is really bad.)

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Need a better shot of your earrings!

    Bookmark   January 30, 2014 at 8:47PM
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Has anyone tried these? They have them at my local store, but I have only contemplated them.

I'd also like to add two other things that are wondrous frozen; mini cheesecake bites and ... wait for it ... really decadent, cream cheese frosting.

Long ago I made banana cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting for one of the kid's bdays. It was just the family so i froze half the batch, and, separately, froze the cream cheese frosting.

I just happened to take a spoonful ... OMG like ice cream times ten.

The cupcakes looked fine with powdered sugar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Open lid, no spoon reqd, eat

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mtnrdrdeux, you're just plain wrong. Wrong to steal all that frosting. Wrong to post those tubes of cookie dough. Wrong to mention cream cheese frosting. How 'bout butter cream!?

"Wrong," she muttered. "Wrong."

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Cream cheese frosting...frozen. Oh yes, how could that NOT be good! Love cream cheese frosting, it's the best part of whatever flavor is underneath. Another wonderful thing easily eaten with a spoon (a tablespoon).

Lol-"cupcakes looked fine with powdered sugar" - no one probably ever knew, except for that smudge of frosting on your chin....

mtnrdredux-I have not seen those. I will have to keep a look out for them!

Christine-you look pretty good 3 days no shower girl.

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mtnrdredux--what a wonderous find! Wish I had thought of that. Bet they go over big with kids of every age (5- 100). And freezing cream cheese frosting is another dynamite idea I could go for. A double batch would be necessary. one for the item being baked and one for the freezer. :)

Autumn4--yummmmm snickerdoodles!! My sis made a snickerdoodle cake--heaven in a pan and enough to send blood sugar sky high. Self control is non existent.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Put 'em on wet.

Today is the first day it's been above zero for 2 weeks or so..... Wet jeans are not one bit appealing. I'm visualizing frozen jeans. Would I be walking like Frankenstein? Or not able to walk at all? Frozen zipper might not be a good thing. I think new blizzard tomorrow. They seem to be on a loop these days and I'm to the point that I don't know if one's coming or leaving. Oh, weather man says 3 AM Sat. but I didn't catch the amount of snow. This is the 15th windiest winter on record. Whoopie! Cold and wind. My electric company is rolling in it. At least I don't heat with propane!

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Last sub-zero day I hung a wet shirt outside, and in ONE MINUTE it froze stiff as a board. So do NOT put on the wet jeans and step out the door! Just stay inside and eat cookie dough, that's all you can do. You need the calories for shoveling. Yeah, that's it.

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Christine, Zephyr thinks you're a goddess.

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Oh this has been so funny to read - and I mean laughing out loud funny.

Anything ghirardelli is good. I bought some chocolate chips to make ganache and funny thing - I had to go and buy some more to make ganache, but I got smart and bought two bags - one for me and one for the ganache.

I eat cream cheese straight from the package (and yes, I lick the knife).

I had forgotten about the tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough. I use to buy it from Costco when my kids were younger and most of it went straight from the tubs into tummies. But when I discovered that the cookies no longer had chocolate chips in them when baked (I wonder where they went - see ghirardelli story) I stopped buying the tubs and just went straight for the chips.

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What is all the hankering about jeans for....we have had 5 snow days in a row - comfy (yoga) pants ladies, comfy pants!

Cream cheese is good. My families favorite dessert includes a a layer of cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar and cool whip. I could eat that right out of the bowl, well I do actually but I could eat the whole bowl instead of the 'extra' I leave.

I started eating chocolate chips out of the bag after I had my first son. It was a long winter. :) He is 11 now - and I still like my chocolate chips!

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Fri, Jan 31, 14 at 7:08

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Alright you crazy cookie dough people.

I stopped at a local bakery to get DH a treat and look at what I saw there.

"What is that cupcake there?" I asked the gal. "That's a cookie dough frosted white chocolate chocolate chip cupcake with cookie dough filling." So, because of you all and I don't even LIKE cookie dough bye the bye, I bought it. To take a picture of it to post for you all. Nuts.

(Cue "The Stripper" in your head now.)

And here is a naughty shot of the disgustingly sweet cookie dough innards...

Urp. I feel kinda sick now.

Hope you all enjoyed it though!

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ok, I just happen to have a tub of choc chunk cookie dough in the freezer and I'm finna try the broiler trick....is that broil on LOW or HIGH?????

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Frozen cooky dough is just not appealing to me--I can't eat a runny egg yolk, so the thought of raw egg in dough--ick.

My secret crush is pie filling, straight out of the can, by the soup spoonful. There's an open jar of lemon filling in the fridge right now, calling my name.

And frozen Cool Whip? Ohhh yeahhh, drop chunks of it into chocolate pudding, give it a little stir, and ummmmmmmmm.

Christine, you're my new secret crush. :)

    Bookmark   January 31, 2014 at 6:48PM
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that reminds me of my Grandma's 4-layer dessert.....it's a simple flour crust with pecans, layered with choc pudding then cool whip on top.....yum! (can use other flavored puddings but choc was always what she used)

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The broiling depends on your individual oven. Do it so it just gets a light crust, so quicker is probably better as long as it doesn't burn. However, there are no fast rules.

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I am rearing another frosting aholic. He is a muffin top eater. He eats the top only and throws the rest away. He also east just the tops of a cupcake with the frosting - the ratio must be better for him that way. I blame it on my continued chocolate chip eating while he was in utero.... The poor first born just got carrots......

deedles-oh yes, I would love to try that. That looks awesome. So did you like it???

illini-yes that's the one. Should have known you would know it since we are from the same 'parts'. It's the flour/pecan/butter crust, cream cheese goodness layer, chocolate pudding then cool whip on top dessert. My kiddos and hubby love it. I must confess it's so rich and I like it but it doesn't like me so I can only have a little bit.

How did your broiling work out?

mama_goose-I can't eat runny eggs either, scrambled or broken yolk fried and fully cooked - almost dry. I bit into a partially done egg mcmuffin in high school and that was it for me. Done forever with egg mcmuffins. That was over 20 years ago. For some reason I can easily mentally block out the raw egg in cookie dough though. Go figure.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

----My secret crush is pie filling, straight out of the can, by the soup spoonful.---

I do that too!! But only cherry. And I've been SO good today......and I know there are a couple of cans in the cupboard.........And I am NOT going to open one.

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Christine- You look fabulous! Are you sure you're not hosting some HGTV rehab show? I think you've just started a fashion trend...I know I want to try the 3" nail/hair accessory. Can we market that? :)

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Is anyone watching Shark Tank tonight? What a coincidence...two,sisters came on looking for investors for their business The Cookie Dough Cafe...edible cookie dough that has no eggs and is meant to be eaten raw, not baked. The investors all agreed it was delicious but one investor thinks they are nuts to think they can sell it. But two of the investors just agreed to do business with them and help them grow the business.They already sell it in 50 Fresh Market grocery stores...so look for it! I have a Fresh Market here so I'm going to look for it next time I go. It's pricey though...$6.99 for a pint.

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I swear you can't taste raw egg in cookie dough. Although a runny white in a fried egg is revolting, I can easily eat beaten egg whites with sugar (raw meringue). It must be the change in texture.

I dare not buy a tub of frozen cookie dough. Besides, is it made with butter? If it's not, it ain't worth eating raw.

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well it was good but next time I would keep a closer eye as my tops got a tad brown.....4 minutes under the broiler = too much. however they were still yummy. let them set on the hot pans for a while and the insides cook just a bit longer (I like them ooey gooey but not raw raw).

This must be the trick to avoid flat cookies. I struggle with the flat cookie syndrome. These cookies i made tonight were heaping!

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Okay, stop the yucky parts of eggs discussion and let's get back to cookie dough, ice cream, chocolate, pie crust, cream cheese, vodka, pie crust filling & oreos.
Last night, 1am, I was lying in bed & the cookie dough that has been in my basement freezer for over a year was calling me. That's never happened before!
Linelle, love this picture!

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Finally made it to the grocery store yesterday and thanks to this thread managed to find 3 bags of chocolate chips in my cart! Regular, mini's and chunks. Oy.

Linelle-I'm with you on butter-real butter.

My 'imaginary friend' when I was a kid was named Davey Butter....hmmm wonder why. He was always to blame when there was a finger swipe out of the stick of butter. Naughty Davey, naughty! My kids get a kick out of that and sadly yes it's true.

illini-always on a quest for the perfect cookie. I try new recipes all the time and always trying to achieve the perfect texture and height. :) Very good description - tender crisp (not just for vegetables) on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle.

    Bookmark   February 1, 2014 at 7:07AM
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The cookies that Zephyr (quality control guy) is inspecting turned out just right, not flat, not cakey, but divinely chewy. It was the recipe from America's Test Kitchen where you brown the butter and then go through these stirring/sitting gyrations. It was one of those recipes that works great the first time, and then never again.

I'm now using a modified version of the recipe (no more melted butter) but find it's not always possible to get the same results. I always chill the dough several hours or overnight in the fridge (snack time!!!) and put the cold blobs of dough straight on the cookie sheets. But last time they flattened and it made me a little sad. But, I ended up freezing them and discovered the deliciousness of frozen cookies.

BTW, 10-yr. old, low-end Kenmore stove, all gas, no convection (what is that, anyway?).

    Bookmark   February 1, 2014 at 10:34AM
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At Thanksgiving I bought some Extra Creamy Cool Whip (With Real Cream!!) for the pumpkin pie in case anyone wanted it, which they didn't, so that's why it was sitting in my fridge. The more this thread went on, the more I got up from my computer to grab a spoonful or two. Yesterday I decided to finish it and get it out of my life. I purposely did not look at the calories because who wants to ruin a perfectly delicious experience?

Today I decided I could handle the truth. 2 Tablespoons are a mere 25 calories? Isn't that like celery or cucumbers? Nevermind the fat and gross ingredients. I was shocked that it was so low in calories, maybe because it's mostly air?

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Just want to say raw cookie dough is where it pays off to be vegan. No worries of raw eggs and salmonella. Here's a good recipe for cookies eaten raw or baked. Again taken from the ppk website :

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Makes two dozen two inch cookies or about 16 three inch cookies

1/2 brown sugar
1/4 white sugar
2/3 cup canola oil
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk (or your favorite non-dairy milk)
1 tablespoon tapioca flour
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

3/4 cups chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 F. Lightly grease two large light metal baking sheets.

Mix together sugars, oil, milk and tapioca flour in a mixing bowl. Use a strong fork and mix really well, for about 2 minutes, until it resembles smooth caramel. There is a chemical reaction when sugar and oil collide, so itâÂÂs important that you donâÂÂt get lazy about that step. Mix in the vanilla.

Add 1 cup of the flour, the baking soda and salt. Mix until well incorporated. Mix in the rest of the flour. Fold in the chocolate chips. The dough will be a little stuff so use your hands to really work them in.

For 3 inch cookies, roll the dough into about ping pong ball size balls. Flatten them out in your hands to about 2 1/2 inches. They will spread just a bit. Place on a baking sheet and bake for about 8 minutes �" no more than 9 �" until they are just a little browned around the edges. I usually get 16 out of these so I do two rounds of eight cookies. Let cool on the baking sheet for about 5 minutes then transfer to a cooling rack.

For 2 dozen two inch cookies roll dough into walnut sized balls and flatten to about 1 1/2 inches and bake for only six minutes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cookies

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

I'd make mine out of denim!

Here is a link that might be useful: Problem solved!

    Bookmark   February 1, 2014 at 4:50PM
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So at 25 calories and 2 grams of fat per serving, I can have, oh, lots of servings! I have "Original" in my fridge ( I never buy it, but if have some jello I need to use up, and there's a recipe, so...) and the original is only 1.5 grams of fat. So I can have more than you, Linelle ;)

    Bookmark   February 1, 2014 at 6:49PM
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I just happened to notice on a package of ready-to-bake cookie dough, in capital letters: "PLEASE DO NOT EAT RAW COOKIE DOUGH" Do they really think anyone pays attention to that???!!! What a joke!

    Bookmark   February 16, 2014 at 9:03PM
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Here is a recipe for monster cookie dough dip. I thought you cookie dough lovers would like it.

edited: I really wanted to post the photo of it but its not working for me. If anyone can post it, its great to look at, LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: monster cookie dough dip

This post was edited by debrak2008 on Tue, Feb 18, 14 at 19:23

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Curse you GW! I've got a gnawing in my stomach right now and would kill for some cookie dough.

debra, the only problems are 1) peanut butter and 2) no raw egg.

I love peanut butter, truly I do. I eat it out of the jar by the spoonful, but it has no place in a chocolate chip cookie, let alone the dough.

I know raw eggs are supposed to be the evil ingredient, but it's what gives it the right texture and raw doughy goodness.

    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 5:52PM
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I hope you raw-egg-phobic people don't eat salad dressings in restaurants.

Linelle, haven't you ever heard of egg beaters? Not only are they eggs, but they're pasteurized! That's another restaurant trick. It's less $$ and stays better than eggs. So for some recipes, even scrambled eggs in buffets, they're liquid eggs. Liquid eggs also don't turn greenish from the steel pans.

There. The secret is out. Life large, ladies.

Debrak2008, I thank you. I see my own ingredients such as walnuts and maybe raisins. Ohhhh.... does that sound delicious. I think I'll even save my cookie dough container to put this in. How perfect could that be!?

    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 6:10PM
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Christine, yes, I've heard of egg beaters. :p Never tried them. Does that mean if I want to make half a recipe of something that uses one egg, egg beaters would work? Other than when you need a separated egg, can they be used anywhere beating or scrambling occurs?

    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 6:32PM
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Linelle, I'm so lazy I don't even buy eggs anymore.
There's an equivalent chart on the container. They come in little milk carton-like containers.

I've bought the egg whites and the egg beaters. You're right that you can't separate the egg beaters, of course. If you chose, you could do what my sister does: She pours the egg white-beaters into ice cube trays and freezes them. Then, tosses them into a zip lock and puts them in her big freezer. She bakes, so this evidently works just fine.

Anywhere you're going to use a beaten egg, you can use these. 'Beaters.
I eat the egg beaters for scrambled and French toast mostly.

I just thought of something lazier: I buy bags of hard boiled Eggland's Best eggs. I don't even boil the little stinkers. I just mash them into things.

    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 7:05PM
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I think I'll buy some and give them a whirl. I'm very fussy about the texture of scrambled eggs, but they might be awesome for certain recipes.

    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 7:20PM
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Hysterical thread -- I am a cookie dough fiend. Here's a healthy substitute (ok, it's not as good as the real thing, but it's close and my kids love them). I keep them in the freezer (and eat directly from freezer) and usually substitute walnuts for the cashews.

Healthy cookie dough balls

2/3 c raw cashews
1/3 c oats (I use Bob's gluten free oatmeal)
2 Tbsp Agave
1 Tbsp Maple Syrup (Omit and use Agave to preserve true Raw Status if you care)
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract (can sub maple)
1/4 c Chocolate Chips (or to preserve true raw status, take 2 Tbsp Raw Cocoa Powder and add 1 Tbsp Agave, optional dash of vanilla extract, whisk and blend. Spread into a thin layer on wax or parchment paper, freeze. Take frozen chocolate off parchment and crumble the shreds into the mixture as your raw "chips".)

Blend the cashews and oats in a food processor, or high speed blender until they're a fine powder. Don't overblend or you'll wind up with cashew butter very quickly.

Add the agave, maple, vanilla and blend until incorporated. Be careful to just blend in short bursts and only until combined; don't over-process.

Stir in the chocolate chips by hand.

Form into balls and serve. If dough is sticky, chilling it in the refrigerator or flash-chilling it in the freezer helps make it easier to work with.


    Bookmark   February 19, 2014 at 8:05AM
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I love raw cookie dough. In fact when I was a teenager I used to make a quarter batch of choc chip cookies and eat the entire bowl after school, but before the 'rents got home from work. I would wash all the evidence, and none was the wiser. Well, not until it was time to make cookies, and then it was "Where on earth are the chocolate chips?" Hee hee. I have to be honest, though, the commercially prepared raw cookie dough is just not my favorite. I really am a cookie dough snob. I want mine made from scratch. And with real butter.

I do not limit myself to choc chip dough, though. I love sugar cookie dough, and spritz cookie dough does not all make it into the cookie press. It really is a shame how the dough sticks to the insides of the press, and I have to dig it out with my finger. I just hate when that happens.

One of my favorite treats--and I am amazed that no one brought up this one-- is about 5-10 (or 20) of those delectable frozen cream puffs. The ones with the "real" whipped cream. Holy moly, those are wonderful! I take them out of the freezer, set them on the counter to let them thaw just a teensy bit, and pop them into my mouth, one by one... nom nom nom. My youngest has discovered my secret stash in the freezer, so I have to be much better at burying it in there. ;)

    Bookmark   February 20, 2014 at 8:57AM
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shelayne, I love your purist sensibilities. I wouldn't say no to store-bought dough, but I agree, it has to be real butter and real vanilla.

When I was a preteen I once found a freshly baked pan of blonde brownies stashed in the kitchen linens drawer. I rescued them and ate about 2/3 of the entire pan. Apparently they had been hidden (not very well) to escape my detection for some ladies' function my mom was hosting. My sense of smell did not let me down. My punishment was to make a replacement batch on the spot, with plenty of raw blondies to consume along the way.

    Bookmark   February 20, 2014 at 12:23PM
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LOL, linelle, you were like Brer Rabbit, "Oh no, please do NOT make me whip up another batch of blondies. Oh please, NO!"


    Bookmark   February 20, 2014 at 4:11PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Heeeeee, Shelayne. Yes, it was not the worst thing that ever happened to me.

    Bookmark   February 20, 2014 at 5:58PM
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